Op 21 juni jl. gaf ik een ademsessie en vroeg ik of Persephone iets ter ere van de zonnewende wilde doorgeven voor de groep die zich had aangemeld. Ze wilde uiteraard graag iets delen.

Ik heb driftig lopen pennen in een schriftje en heb het voorgelezen aan de groep. De boodschap kwam aan en deed iets (positiefs). Ik merk dat mensen sindsdien die ik delen van deze tekst vertel, rustig worden en ontspannen.

Het leek me daarom goed om deze tekst breder te verspreiden. Ik heb me er dus toe gezet om het hele stuk (het is best een grote tekst) uit te typen.
Persephone spreekt in het Engels door mij heen. Dit heeft waarschijnlijk te maken met het feit dat Engels mijn eerste taal is en dit het meest vloeiend werkt voor haar om haar boodschappen door mij heen te delen.

Dankzij een lieve vriendin en mijn assistente is er nu ook een Nederlandse vertaling van deze tekst. Je vindt deze als een PDF onderaan de Engelse tekst.
Geniet van haar woorden en de energie die daarin meekomt.

Channeling Persephone June 21, 2021

My dear child, you are a child of God, don’t you ever forget that.

These are auspicious times, not only for you, for humanity, but also for the entire universe. You have begun an important ascension process which will last for longer than your lifetimes. I am but one factor in this whole process.

NB: why is this happening?
The reason why is because you needed something to grasp onto. The universe was dying as you were on a dying planet. We could not have that happen.

You see, there is so much more riding on this ascension than you may have noticed.
As an advocate for the board of wise ones (you would say men, but they do not identify themselves as men NOR women), I have been chosen to speak on their

NB: Thank you, now what is it you feel we need to know about these times?
PLEASE, DO NOT WORRY. Worry is about the worst thing you could do at these times. You are lifted, you are carried. ALL of you.

The wisest council I can give you is to leave it up to the wise ones. Are you able to trust? Can you find trust in your system? We will NOT let you fall, ever.

We understand that the prospect of death is something terrifying to your egos. However, you ARE not your ego. You have it implanted in your machine as an app. It is an app which seems to have taken over the system. Your societies have made it so. By elevating the mind to the seat of ruler, you have edged intuition out, and the very essence of who you are.
This age is all about awakening to this reality, this truth.
So, back to the subject of fear: there is NOTHING TO FEAR. Truly.

The games you play are but children’s games in the field of what is truly going on.
This is a big game – no, it is not a war, as that would suppose opposing sides, which is an aspect you only know on this planet. The true game was started very long ago, when consciousness wished to expand beyond its limitations. For that, we needed an upgrade to our systems, a reboot, so to say. Are you understanding me?
So, as the song you like so much goes: “I can only go as fast as the slowest part in me feels safe to go”, we have been waiting patiently for humankind to outgrow its infancy. It took a long time. It seems you are wanting to remain in infancy over and over again.

As a representative of the earth cycles, I can tell you that the mishaps occurring with previous civilizations on your planet (Atlantis, etc.), were due to humanity still being in their infancy stages. Barely able to walk.
Knowledge is useless without wisdom. Wisdom is paramount if you wish to further your selves. Vibration is paramount.

NB: is there any advice you can give us for these times?
Sit still. Be quiet. Let it come to you. There is NO danger, whatsoever. Never doubt the light.
Be conscious of what you are thinking. It creates your reality. Become conscious of what you are thinking HABITUALLY.

The problem with your anxiety is that you think you have created this mess. This is only partly true. Yes, it is correct to assume that there is a base of negative thinking which feeds the processes the wrong way.
However, there are forces far greater than you, out of your reach, which have far-weighing impact on you. You have no idea. Your vision is too small.

As an example: you are baking a cake. The earth provides your raw materials: the flour, the eggs coming from the chicken. Which force makes these a reality?
Then, you and your creativity mix things together to make something tasteful. The heat of the oven then makes it into a cake. It isn’t YOU who is making the cake. You are just adding a vital ingredient into the whole process. Do you see?

So you can decorate the cake or add some jam, but the whole process of making the cake requires a wholly different force.
Such is the way we work in these times.
Do not worry.
Indeed, you do not want to be adding stale milk or sour cherries into the cake, but PLEASE, please do not imagine that it is humanity which is staging these changes.

Yes, there are some who believe they can use this to their opportunity. Not to worry, they will be unmasked quite soon. Certainly within your lifetimes.

As for preparations: make sure you have all you desire in your house to make you comfortable, as things are about to change rapidly.
Again, there is nothing to worry, you are safe within our hands. But as your mother made your father invest in a comfortable sitting chair (this happened a couple of weeks before my mother passed away), you may wish to sit comfortably as the storm weathers around your houses. There is nothing like Dorothy’s experience (in the Wizard of OZ) going to happen. Your houses will not become uprooted.

NB: What is it you are doing to counter the dark forces?
Please do not look at it from your standpoint of duality. There is no dark or light over here. There is only change. You are safe.

Maybe the best thing to do is to sit and to spend time FEELING SAFE. Yes.
Spend time feeling safe. Practice feeling safe. No need to worry about what the adults are arranging for your vacation. No need to worry about the details of the trip. They will get you there and back again in total safety. Can you feel that?

NB: Thank you, this is very valuable advice. Is there anything you require from us? Anything we can do?
Tend to your gardens. Make them celebrations of life. Connect with the joy of the plants, the soil. It will help you to calm down. There is so much fear, anxiety in the atmosphere now. There is no need for that. Don’t start turning the milk sour. All the ingredients we need are here. We are just embarking on the process of mixing things together.

Once the cake is baked, you will revel in how delicious it turned out to be.
So look forward to that! Look forward to the most delicious cake you will ever eat!!
Imagine a positive future.

If there is anything you wish to do to help, this would be very helpful: practice feeling safe and imagine a brilliant future. Yes.
So, how is this? Is this sufficient preparation for your class tonight?

NB: This is wonderful, thank you very much.

My dear one, you worry too much. Lighten up! You would be helping yourself a great deal if you did.
The adversity is due to the fear. Go back to who you were before it all started to fall apart. Get inspired by the youth. They are still so fully happy and trusting. Return to that space. A lot will heal, you will notice. I will say goodbye for now, as I am busy right now. Until another time!
Suffice to say that all is well right now. Goodbye.

Channeling Persephone 20210723_NL

Ademen is leven
Wordt meester van je adem en je wordt meester over je leven.

“Dat zoiets simpels zo effectief kan zijn voor het verwerken van emotie en trauma’s.” –

Yannick Pelder, fysiotherapeut, deelnemer Level I ademweekend

“Een aanrader voor iedere hulpverlener/coach. Adem schept verbinding! Transformational Breath geeft mij de opening naar het leven durven léven!”

Natasja Hazelaar
Pedagogisch behandelaar en coach NLP/systemisch werk, deelneemster Level I ademweekend

“Een training die je weer tot leven ademt.”

deelneemster Level I ademweekend

Nadja heeft mij een stuk verder geholpen in de zwaarste tijd van m’n leven. Ik was in een diepe depressie beland en ik ontdekte dat je met ademhalingsoefeningen veel rust kon terugbrengen. Ik wist niet wat ik meemaakte toen ik ontdekte wat je met ademhaling kan bereiken.


Ik was euforisch!

Wat een geweldige avond gisteren! Dank je wel! Ik ben de hele avond energie dronken geweest. Ik was euforisch! Tijdens de sessie heb ik het leven omarmt en dit was de uitkomst! Namaste!

Maaike, Praktijk manager, 36 jaar

Ademen is een geschenk

Ademen is een geschenk en is voor een ieder perfect als je het maar ‘gewoon’ doet. Ga niet denken, ga liggen en ademen, ervaar wat het met je doet en wat je ermee bereikt!! Het helpt je op alle manieren. Nadja is zeer vakkundig en kan als geen ander de juiste intentie voor een sessie met je bepalen waardoor het effect maximaal is.

Erik, afdelingsmanager internationaal IT-bedrijf