Get Your free place at The Embodiment Conference
1000 presenters. 10 topics. Zero $$$
October 14-25, 2020

I’m delighted to be part of The Embodiment Conference. This is a unique chance to learn from me and many of the best known teachers in this field. Deepen your professional expertise, reboot your own practice and connect with people across the globe.

Get your free place here.The Embodiment Conference isa unique concept which has never been performed at such a great scale before. Mark Walsh and his team from the UK have set the target to host the largest online conference in the therapeutic sector ever. And they are succeeding! They have found 1000 presenters prepared to share their knowledge absolutely for free at this conference which takes 10 days.

You can chose to follow lectures and workshops from 10 different topics. Every day, a presenter will share his or her knowledge each hour between 9 -23 o’clock. Besides each topic stream, there is also a main stage where the best experts of the world share their expertise.
There are coffee break-out rooms where you can meet other conference attendees to have an informal chat. Networking/connecting is also an important part of conferences and the organisation is doing all they can to facilitate this too.

The atmosphere will be both professional as personal. Human connection is always a priority at The Embodiment Conferences.

You can follow the conference via live Zoom streams, the conference is also streamed live via social media (with the latter option, you will not have the option to ask questions, which is possible at the live Zoom sessions). You can follow as much or as little as you like. The recordings are also still available for free the day after each live stream. There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything at all.
Should you wish to watch the recordings for more than 2 days, you will have the option to purchase the downloads.  That’s it!

This is a unique opportunity to hear your favorite speaker and ask them questions live! Just bathe yourself in their knowledge and take your advantage of it!

Building a new world together.

Click this link to discover more about this conference and to enroll for your free place.

My presentation about Cancer & Breath (including a short breath exercise) is planned on Thursday October 15 at 3 pm Central European time.
Just take a moment to take in these numbers: 15 Oct at 15 o’clock!! Such beautiful synchronicity!