“Taking yourself seriously is the original sin”
– Oscar Wilde

Recently, a client of mine came with this quote and I think it is briliant! Oscar Wilde was clearly of the opinion that the human existence is to be reduced to our tendency to taking ourselves and life as a whole far too seriously.
As soon as we start taking ourselves too seriously, everything becomes difficult: we end up in the never ending game of right- end-wrong thoughts. Judgements are our sure fire way out of unity! In other words: we get stuck in ego.
My parents’ motto was ” don’t take yourself too seriously”. I couldn’t agree more.

Seriousness is considered an illness by some comedians. They may have a point. Being overly serious keeps you firmly seated in your mind and out of your heart, which could hold it all in her unlimited goodness. In other words: the everlasting dilema of the mind versus the heart.

Especially when thing get tough, it is important to keep a certain measure of lightheartedness. It will become easier to live through the tough times. And maybe, life may even take a different turn!
Think of the law of attraction: that which you think of repeatedly with much emotion, will be manifested!
So watch out when you are getting too serious. Make sure you DO SOMETHING to get out of it, as quickly as you can.
Life was not meant to be suffered.

To support you in DOING SOMETHING, I have recorded a video with a lesson in self-laughter. As some clients pointed out, laughing alone is far less fun than laughing together. And this is very true! We know from laughter yoga that people laugh most when we are together with other people.
So, to make things easy, I recorded myself laughing, so you can either laugh with me, or at me. It doesn’t mater to me, just as long as you are laughing!

Enjoy your laughter and have a lovely day!