Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t take yourself too seriously

“Taking yourself seriously is the original sin”
– Oscar Wilde

Recently, a client of mine came with this quote and I think it is briliant! Oscar Wilde was clearly of the opinion that the human existence is to be reduced to our tendency to taking ourselves and life as a whole far too seriously.
As soon as we start taking ourselves too seriously, everything becomes difficult: we end up in the never ending game of right- end-wrong thoughts. Judgements are our sure fire way out of unity! In other words: we get stuck in ego.
My parents’ motto was ” don’t take yourself too seriously”. I couldn’t agree more.

Seriousness is considered an illness by some comedians. They may have a point. Being overly serious keeps you firmly seated in your mind and out of your heart, which could hold it all in her unlimited goodness. In other words: the everlasting dilema of the mind versus the heart.

Especially when thing get tough, it is important to keep a certain measure of lightheartedness. It will become easier to live through the tough times. And maybe, life may even take a different turn!
Think of the law of attraction: that which you think of repeatedly with much emotion, will be manifested!
So watch out when you are getting too serious. Make sure you DO SOMETHING to get out of it, as quickly as you can.
Life was not meant to be suffered.

To support you in DOING SOMETHING, I have recorded a video with a lesson in self-laughter. As some clients pointed out, laughing alone is far less fun than laughing together. And this is very true! We know from laughter yoga that people laugh most when we are together with other people.
So, to make things easy, I recorded myself laughing, so you can either laugh with me, or at me. It doesn’t mater to me, just as long as you are laughing!

Enjoy your laughter and have a lovely day!

New Year’s message Persephone

New Year’s message Persephone

In the winter, Persephone goes to the underworld according to the mythology, to be with her husband Hades until spring arrives.
With the help of Persephone, I interpret this differently: she is the growth force of nature. This means that she, just as plants, rests during the winter. The picture on this page shows this beautifully.

Of course, Persephone is no human being, rather an energy, a force. She therefore does not sleep. Much to the contrary. She is very busy as one of the supporting light forces who are supporting us in making this grand shift into the light on our earth.
It is in this role, that she has given me a powerful message for all of us, to support us during these perhaps rather uncomfortable life experience.
Joy (humor, laughter) and love are two of the most important ingredients, according to her. An advice I gladly take to heart!

I recorded this message on December 31st, where Marcus Aurelius (my gatekeeper guide) welcomed me outside the temple where I normally speak with her. He always helps me to cleanse myself of all the human energies, before I enter the temple. You can hear this in the recording. He made it very clear to me that this message is not only meant for me, but is directed towards all of humanity.

Please, enjoy her message for this new year!


“Dat zoiets simpels zo effectief kan zijn voor het verwerken van emotie en trauma’s.” –

Yannick Pelder, fysiotherapeut, deelnemer Level I ademweekend

“Een aanrader voor iedere hulpverlener/coach. Adem schept verbinding! Transformational Breath geeft mij de opening naar het leven durven léven!”

Natasja Hazelaar
Pedagogisch behandelaar en coach NLP/systemisch werk, deelneemster Level I ademweekend

“Een training die je weer tot leven ademt.”

deelneemster Level I ademweekend

Nadja heeft mij een stuk verder geholpen in de zwaarste tijd van m’n leven. Ik was in een diepe depressie beland en ik ontdekte dat je met ademhalingsoefeningen veel rust kon terugbrengen. Ik wist niet wat ik meemaakte toen ik ontdekte wat je met ademhaling kan bereiken.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

“Keep your face to the sunshine,
and you will not see the shadows”

– Native american saying

More than ever, this saying is of importance in these interesting times. Focus on the light, so it receives your full attention.
Energy flows where your intention goes. So give THAT your attention which you WISH to experience. Do NOT focus on that which you do not want.
So make sure you keep searching for the light within. No better time to do this during the lock down period with not too much else distracting you.
Do not be persuaded to succumb to dark emotions such as fear and anger. This does not serve you nor the world.
Give these emotions space when they arrise spontaneously, but do not feed them. Do not call them forth with negative thoughts.
So keep finding and inviting the light: take a walk in nature, dance, sing, laugh (with a videos, friends or laughter sessions) meditate, practice gratitude and loving kindness, take time to breathe consciously or call up a friend with whom you can be merry. There are so many ways to find the light and to stay in it.
This is our work right now. It is not always easy, but this IS our holy work. To understand that we can decide how we wish to feel. Your joy feeds the univers.

Be a brilliant light amidst the chaos. Just shine your light. People will find your beaken and will follow.

To support you in this, I will be offering an online breathing session on January 5 to celebrate the New Year and to focus our attention on what we wish to experience this coming year. Please join!
For more information, please go to: Breathing 4 Energy – New Years’ breath for experienced breathers.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas and all of you who don’t: I wish you lots of light and a loving time this month, however you decide to spend these days.
And let 2021 bring us the highest and best under grace we can receive…..

….this, or something GREATER!!

Lots of love and hopefully see you soon!

Cancer and breath

Cancer and breath

I am asked regularly to explain more about the relationship between cancer and breath and how conscious breathing can play a role in this.

Last year I was invited to present at the largest worldwide zoom conference about this subject. The Embodiment Conference (TEC) reached more than one million viewers, in 10 days time more than 1000 speakers presented their content and it was a very special conference to be a part of as a speaker.

The recording of my presentation is now accessible for everyone to watch.
In this one-hour presentation, I first explein about the literature which tells us about the role of oxygen and emotions with cancer. After that, I lead a nice breathing exercise, so make shure you are comfortable!

Of course, there is no limit to the number of times you can practice this breathing exercise, so feel free to return to this video whenever it suits you!
I hope to offer valuable information to you in your search for health when you or a loved one are dealing with cancer.

Please let me know in the comments section what you think of this video!
You can also find the video below, on my YouTube channel. You can like it there and store it under your favorites, so you can return to it easily!

Enjoy and thank you for sharing.

Channeling Persephone equinox June 21, 2021

Channeling Persephone equinox June 21, 2021

In honour of the equinox on June 21, I asked Persephone for some wisdom which was appropriate for these times.

I read it to the group of participants in my monthly Breathing4Energy. The words seemed to soothe them and calm them. As I repeat this message to other friends and clients, I have notices the same effect. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to share her words here with anyone who wishes to read them.

Please enjoy her wisdom and the energy which flows from them.

Channeling Persephone June 21, 2021

My dear child, you are a child of God, don’t you ever forget that.

These are auspicious times, not only for you, for humanity, but also for the entire universe. You have begun an important ascension process which will last for longer than your lifetimes. I am but one factor in this whole process.

NB: why is this happening?
The reason why is because you needed something to grasp onto. The universe was dying as you were on a dying planet. We could not have that happen.

You see, there is so much more riding on this ascension than you may have noticed.
As an advocate for the board of wise ones (you would say men, but they do not identify themselves as men NOR women), I have been chosen to speak on their

NB: Thank you, now what is it you feel we need to know about these times?
PLEASE, DO NOT WORRY. Worry is about the worst thing you could do at these times. You are lifted, you are carried. ALL of you.

The wisest council I can give you is to leave it up to the wise ones. Are you able to trust? Can you find trust in your system? We will NOT let you fall, ever.

We understand that the prospect of death is something terrifying to your egos. However, you ARE not your ego. You have it implanted in your machine as an app. It is an app which seems to have taken over the system. Your societies have made it so. By elevating the mind to the seat of ruler, you have edged intuition out, and the very essence of who you are.
This age is all about awakening to this reality, this truth.
So, back to the subject of fear: there is NOTHING TO FEAR. Truly.

The games you play are but children’s games in the field of what is truly going on.
This is a big game – no, it is not a war, as that would suppose opposing sides, which is an aspect you only know on this planet. The true game was started very long ago, when consciousness wished to expand beyond its limitations. For that, we needed an upgrade to our systems, a reboot, so to say. Are you understanding me?
So, as the song you like so much goes: “I can only go as fast as the slowest part in me feels safe to go”, we have been waiting patiently for humankind to outgrow its infancy. It took a long time. It seems you are wanting to remain in infancy over and over again.

As a representative of the earth cycles, I can tell you that the mishaps occurring with previous civilizations on your planet (Atlantis, etc.), were due to humanity still being in their infancy stages. Barely able to walk.
Knowledge is useless without wisdom. Wisdom is paramount if you wish to further your selves. Vibration is paramount.

NB: is there any advice you can give us for these times?
Sit still. Be quiet. Let it come to you. There is NO danger, whatsoever. Never doubt the light.
Be conscious of what you are thinking. It creates your reality. Become conscious of what you are thinking HABITUALLY.

The problem with your anxiety is that you think you have created this mess. This is only partly true. Yes, it is correct to assume that there is a base of negative thinking which feeds the processes the wrong way.
However, there are forces far greater than you, out of your reach, which have far-weighing impact on you. You have no idea. Your vision is too small.

As an example: you are baking a cake. The earth provides your raw materials: the flour, the eggs coming from the chicken. Which force makes these a reality?
Then, you and your creativity mix things together to make something tasteful. The heat of the oven then makes it into a cake. It isn’t YOU who is making the cake. You are just adding a vital ingredient into the whole process. Do you see?

So you can decorate the cake or add some jam, but the whole process of making the cake requires a wholly different force.
Such is the way we work in these times.
Do not worry.
Indeed, you do not want to be adding stale milk or sour cherries into the cake, but PLEASE, please do not imagine that it is humanity which is staging these changes.

Yes, there are some who believe they can use this to their opportunity. Not to worry, they will be unmasked quite soon. Certainly within your lifetimes.

As for preparations: make sure you have all you desire in your house to make you comfortable, as things are about to change rapidly.
Again, there is nothing to worry, you are safe within our hands. But as your mother made your father invest in a comfortable sitting chair (this happened a couple of weeks before my mother passed away), you may wish to sit comfortably as the storm weathers around your houses. There is nothing like Dorothy’s experience (in the Wizard of OZ) going to happen. Your houses will not become uprooted.

NB: What is it you are doing to counter the dark forces?
Please do not look at it from your standpoint of duality. There is no dark or light over here. There is only change. You are safe.

Maybe the best thing to do is to sit and to spend time FEELING SAFE. Yes.
Spend time feeling safe. Practice feeling safe. No need to worry about what the adults are arranging for your vacation. No need to worry about the details of the trip. They will get you there and back again in total safety. Can you feel that?

NB: Thank you, this is very valuable advice. Is there anything you require from us? Anything we can do?
Tend to your gardens. Make them celebrations of life. Connect with the joy of the plants, the soil. It will help you to calm down. There is so much fear, anxiety in the atmosphere now. There is no need for that. Don’t start turning the milk sour. All the ingredients we need are here. We are just embarking on the process of mixing things together.

Once the cake is baked, you will revel in how delicious it turned out to be.
So look forward to that! Look forward to the most delicious cake you will ever eat!!
Imagine a positive future.

If there is anything you wish to do to help, this would be very helpful: practice feeling safe and imagine a brilliant future. Yes.
So, how is this? Is this sufficient preparation for your class tonight?

NB: This is wonderful, thank you very much.

My dear one, you worry too much. Lighten up! You would be helping yourself a great deal if you did.
The adversity is due to the fear. Go back to who you were before it all started to fall apart. Get inspired by the youth. They are still so fully happy and trusting. Return to that space. A lot will heal, you will notice. I will say goodbye for now, as I am busy right now. Until another time!
Suffice to say that all is well right now. Goodbye.

I am weighing in…

I am weighing in…

Up to now I have stayed away from volunteering my upinions about the Corona- situation in the Netherlands and worldwide. As a doctor I tried to keep up with literature and of course I had an opinion about all that is happening. It didn’t seem my place, however to share about this. My opinion was my opinion, so I thought…..

Until now….

So now, I decide to get involved, to weigh in….on the Covid-19 discussion, vaccines and all that.

Something changed. I found information which I cannot withhold from you. I would really get into an ethical conflict with myself if I didn’t share this information. This information about the treatment of COVID-19 is of SUCH importance, that I cannot keep it quiet anymore.

I has turned out to be a bit of a story, which becomes increasingly medical the further you advance into it. I volunteer my opinion at the end of this blog. Of course, it is irrelevant whether you agree with my opinion or not. It is about you reading, and learning and about making choices based on the full picture. Of course, the concept of a full picture is rather relative in science, but I hope to support you in making the choices which are right for you!

I can’t keep doing this: Dr. Kory about the efficacy of Ivermectine with COVID-19 patients.

It started with a video of expert Pierre Kory who spoke to the Senat of the US about the mountain of evidence as he calls it on the effectiveness of Ivermectine in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Please first watch this video. It is easy to follow and easy to understand.
He is a member of a group of experts in critical care in the US – the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance or FLCCC who are asking organisations like the National Institute for Health (the national health council in de US) to review the data and to change their advice (which was negative) about the use of this medicine in COVID-19.
The group wrote and article which has been accepted for publication by a peer reviewed journal on January 13.  You can read the article HERE via pubmed.

Dr. John Campbell gives a clear o of several studies with Ivermectine
When I had seen this, I dove into the matter. this could potentially be a game changer! Dr. John Campbell, a Britisch specialist, explains in easy terms what he found out about Ivermectine. It is slightly more scientific in language, but still quite easy to understand. He discusses several studies with Ivermectine. It is a nice overview.

A meta-analysis is being performed on the efficacy of Ivermectine in COVID-19 patients requested by the WHO
After that, I hit on a presentation by Dr. Andrew Hill  (also a renowned researcher) who is performing a meta-analysis on 11 Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) upon request by teh WHO. A meta-analysis is the highest form of evidence we know in science. Worldwide, there are 21 trials ongoing with Ivermectine. He will be performing a second meta-analysis on all of these once their data are available.

From the first meta-analysis it turns out that there is 83% less deaths of CoVID-19 and 43% of patients are discharged sooner from hospital when treated with Ivermectine. The data are not yet mature, these are interim data, but if provides sufficient evidence for the authorities to look into it. If the second meta-analysis would show the same kind of results, this would be a ‘Transformative Agent’, as Dr. Hill expresses his opinion. This could mean the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.
I like his choice of words, as transformation is what we want, isn’t it?
This video is pretty medical, see if you can follow it. For doctors, this is very clear language and very useful if you wish to request a prescription by your physician.


In Egypt and Bangladesh this drug is given systematically for treatment of COVID-19 and studies have been performed in Uttar Pradesh (India), in Iran and Iraq. In Argentinia, Peru, and other Latin American countries Ivermectine is given to the population systematically as a preventative measure. In the African countries where this drugis used for prophyaxis of parasitic infections there are less and less severe cases of COVID-19.

Doctors plead for review by the authorities

Both Dr. Hill as Dr. Kory plead for the authorities to review these data and to give theirjudgement on it.
You can download the treatment  protocols on the website of the FLCCC. There are protocols for prophylaxis, treatment upon exposure to a COVID-19 patient and hospital treatment. They use Ivermectin in combination with highly dosed  Vit D, Vit C, Quercitine and Zinc according to the protocols which are being updated regularly on the website.

As a result of this speech, Dr. Kory and the chairman of FLCCC and Dr. Hill have spoken to the NIH. The NIH have changed their negative advice to a neutral advice for the use of Ivermectine in the treatment of COVID-19. This means that doctors can now use Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in the US.

A tiny details on top of this is that the use of Ivermectine (which has been on the market since 1975 and is available as a generic right now) costs less than 2 euros per day (treaments range from 1-5 days), which is far more cost effective than the production of the vaccines.

NIH Revises Treatment Guidelines for Ivermectin for the Treatment of COVID-19
Ivermectin is Now a Therapeutic Option for Doctors & Prescribers!

Jan 14, 2021 – One week after Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory – founding members of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) – along with Dr. Andrew Hill, researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), presented their data before the NIH Treatment Guidelines Panel, the NIH has upgraded their recommen­da­tion and now considers Ivermectin an option for use in COVID-19.

Their recommendation has now been upgraded to the same level as those for widely used monoclonal antibodies & convalescent plasma, which is a “neither for nor against” recommen­da­tion. The significance of this change is that the NIH has decided to no longer recommend against the use of ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19 by the nation’s health care providers. A consequence of this change is that ivermectin has now been made a clear therapeutic option for patients.

My thoughts about this all

There are quite a few unpleasant side-effects connected to the use of this drug and there are also a few interactions with other medications. It is therefore not a drug you should take just like that. In any case, you will need a prescription by your treating physician, so luckily you cannot get it just anywhere.

It is important to understand that Ivermectin can be used as both a treament and as prophylaxis (prevention). Clearly, a treatment would not prevent anyone from catching the virus. A vaccine in fact does not either. You do catch it, but your immunesystem deals with it more efficiently as it has learned how to mount an attack. The thought is that you would get less ill once you have had the vaccine and hopefully not die of the illness. This should lift the weight on the health care system.

As we do not know yet whether people who are vaccinated are still contagious or not, the vaccine potentially doesn’t do anything to stop the spread of the virus.
The only reason to take the vaccine is to protect yourself from getting too ill.

As we do not know how long the effect of the protection of the virus is (we are up to 8 months now), the vaccine may even give a false sense of safety to those who have taken it.

Knowing the virus mutates, chances are that you would need to retake it again, just like the influenza vaccine.

It makes total sense to take the vaccine if there wasn’t a good cure to the illness.

However, knowing all that, and knowing that there is a (far cheaper) treatment to the corona virus which makes sure you either do not get it (when it is used prophylactically), or you do not get so sick and with which far less people die, it makes total sense to me to have the treatment when you need it and to not burden your system with a vaccine which, in all respect towards the developers who have done an amazing job in such a short time, quite frankly has not had enough of research to truly say it is safe.

The drug is more effective the sooner you use it in the sickness process. However, it is nice if your immune system gets a chance to take care of the infection itself. I would use it myself only once there is evidence of a Corona infection and once I am having more symptoms than just a cold (shortness of breath, fever, diarrhoea, etc).
You could use the information in this blog to go to your GP or treating physician and ask for the drug. I hope that the doctor will understand that this is notjust a hoax after seeing the video by Dr. Hill. This video is well argumented and easy to understand by trained doctors.
In my humble opinion, the urgency in the need of a vaccine is lestened when we can use this treatment. This should give us time to develop a good vaccine which is well researched and developped.