“Keep your face to the sunshine,
and you will not see the shadows”

– Native american saying

More than ever, this saying is of importance in these interesting times. Focus on the light, so it receives your full attention.
Energy flows where your intention goes. So give THAT your attention which you WISH to experience. Do NOT focus on that which you do not want.
So make sure you keep searching for the light within. No better time to do this during the lock down period with not too much else distracting you.
Do not be persuaded to succumb to dark emotions such as fear and anger. This does not serve you nor the world.
Give these emotions space when they arrise spontaneously, but do not feed them. Do not call them forth with negative thoughts.
So keep finding and inviting the light: take a walk in nature, dance, sing, laugh (with a videos, friends or laughter sessions) meditate, practice gratitude and loving kindness, take time to breathe consciously or call up a friend with whom you can be merry. There are so many ways to find the light and to stay in it.
This is our work right now. It is not always easy, but this IS our holy work. To understand that we can decide how we wish to feel. Your joy feeds the univers.

Be a brilliant light amidst the chaos. Just shine your light. People will find your beaken and will follow.

To support you in this, I will be offering an online breathing session on January 5 to celebrate the New Year and to focus our attention on what we wish to experience this coming year. Please join!
For more information, please go to: Breathing 4 Energy – New Years’ breath for experienced breathers.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas and all of you who don’t: I wish you lots of light and a loving time this month, however you decide to spend these days.
And let 2021 bring us the highest and best under grace we can receive…..

….this, or something GREATER!!

Lots of love and hopefully see you soon!