Some of my clients’ experiences:

Seminar juni 2015

Again such a great experience! I enrolled for this week straight after the Reclaim your Breath weekend. A great decission. I have been able to take a huge step in my personal insights and pitfalls. It is one of the nicest methods I know to “work” with your personal growth. Thank you for this fantastic week!

– Carla van Buggenum (50) – caregiver and intuitive healer

It was a very intensive week. I felt lots of resistance to face the confrontation with myself on many occasions. It was mostly resistance to the breath. By breathing anyway, these feelings and thoughts changed/transformed. After this, I usually felt that great things had shifted. This process was guided well and flowingly by the facilitators. I also learned a lot from the participants. I thank you all.

– Peter

Level IV – professional facilitator training 2014


“I came to this country to experience a beautiful time and that is what I was given. I was made to feel welcome and given all the encouragement I could have possibly needed. ” – Ross

“I love that you can experience and really feel the spiritual transformation. For example, you can really feel that you are safe, and that makes such a huge difference to other healing techniques! ” – Sonja, Holistic Healer, 47 years


“I would recommend Transformational Breathing to anyone. It has brought me so much. During the training, I met very nice people, but especially myself! Namasté” – R. Adegeest

“I’m so glad I’ve actually found my breath. This, I will never loose again”” -Anoniem

“I have had a lot of therapies and coaching in the past. The training for breathing coach made me realize a change in my behavior and my compassion towards myself and others. Really, a great program!” -Anoniem

“There is too much to recommend. Experience it, it gives back so much!” -Anoniem


Reclaim Your Breath weekend

“After the weekend I feel really different now. Lighter, more vivid and more insight into myself. On the basis of the breathing analysis I have received very focused feedback on who I am. I can control the way I breathe so that can I change myself. What a beautiful and safe way!” – A. Wesselius

“I feel lighert in my body after the Reclaim your Breath weekend. The breathing sessions and professional supervision ensured that I can open myself..” I. Smits

“The weekend has literally given breathing space for me to focus on love and life.” – Anoniem

“At last I know how to breathe now and can really experience the breathing space. I feel centered and peaceful again.” – Anoniem

“After having worked for many years on clearing my inside, this seems to be the finishing touch. Room for new needs and challenges has been created: Finally a way for pure breath and to stop smoking!” – C. Buggenum

“This weekend was a gift to myself. What a discovery that my own breath can feel and bring so much life in my body. Transformational Breath brings me to deeper layers and blockages, dissolves them and provides more love and space and for myself. Thanks to the loving and professional guidance I dare to dive in completely.” – Connie

“This weekend has helped me to get more space in my head and heart, and to feel peace.” -Anoniem


What has Transformational Breath® brought me sofar:

– I finaly dare to be myself – without shame, without conditions
– I feel connected with the universe
– I feel love for myself and everyone and everything around me
– I am smiling all day
– I dare to live, I dare to feel, I no longer have any fear for judgement – mo fear for tomorrow, no regret of what was
– I feel love for others, but realise that this is ‘my love’
– I can love without conditions
– I dare to truely feel my emotions – I do not panic – the emotions are allowed to be there; I am not my emotions
– I feel a  ‘major change’ – while it’s actually so simple,  – letting go of all asumptions, all self-criticism, all judgements

and all this through BREATHING!!!

I am a happy person from within!

thank you Nadja.


“I gifted myself a Reclaim Your Breath weekend to allow my personal development to grow. With a featherly light backpack full of experiences, advice and beautiful memories I returned home, so I can remove something from the pack every day to work with.”– Lieke

It was a very special experience; to meet people who share their love (for breathing) with others and support each other in gaining consciousness. This, the environment and the breathing has done me a lot of good! ” – Nynke, teacher in nursing, age 44

“In no more than 48 hours, this workshop has made me laugh and cry as I have not done in many years. The work has offered me experiences and insights that will form a rich foundation for my personal development in the coming years.” – P.Kauffman, entrepreneur, 44 jaar.

“Last year I experienced a breath workshop with Nadja Benschop. Incredible what just simple breathing can release and heal. Nadja and her assistant taught us in a loving and gentle manner how to breathe the right way.
I still regularly practice the ‘100 breaths” and I feel more vital and refreshed after doing them. Nadja, thank you for the lovely way in which you lead the workshop.I recommend everyone to follow a breath workshop with Nadja Benschop!” – Jannie Nijkamp, 55 years

“Fantastic experience! Jeanine, the beautiful tones of your christal bowls let my body vibrate to the sound and relax wonderfully Nadja, the Transformational Breathing has allowed me to breathe deeper which was very liberating. Both of you have made me feel that will power is a central characteristic of my life. With this deeper insight I am able to work on myself for the coming time. The day was organised excellently, whereby your sound and breath session fit together wonderfully. Thank you for everything!” – anonymous

“It felt for me, that my vulnerability was allowed to be there, that I, as far as I could reach my true essence, was allowed to be there. I also became very emotional in contact with you. That is not rationally explainable and I don’t think one should want to explain it rationally. The contact touched me on a deeper level.” –anonymous

“This was indeed a fabulous weekend, it is just indescribable what it had given me and many others. You (the mentors) have taught me so much during these two days and I felt deeply touched. You are fantastic people, all angels on earth. I am sure now that they exist. I will definitely follow more sessions with you, so thank you once more and see you soon.” – Magda, 49 jaar

“One could say that ‘you lovingly brought me back to myself’”- Marijke van Veelen

“The sessions are given very loving and caringly. I experience the sessions as freeing” – Eveline Calf

“It was fantastic. I had never thought that this simple technique could be so effective. For me it was a new step to transformation of my body. I have a lot of experience in the field of personal development and body work, but this was new for me. The workshop was the start of the dissolving of all my emotional and physical blockages. I felt like a different person after the workshop, with an unlimited amount of life force energy. I still practice the exercises I learned during the workshop. The workshop was lead very professionally, both the knowledge as well as the loving facilitation during the exercises. Recommended for anyone who takes himself and his body seriously!” – Jort Bijlevelt

“ Breathing is a gift and is ‘perfect’ for anyone if you would ‘just’ do it. Don’t think, lie down and breathe, experience what it does to you and what you achieve with it!! It helps you in many different ways. Nadja is very skilled and manages so perfectly to find the correct intention for a session with you whereby maximizing the effect.” – Erik Sol, Consulting manager IT company, age 39

“It was a great day. We prepared ourselves for the day with the help of visualization exercises. This way, I could to create a strong picture of what I wanted to achieve with the breath session. The breath session itself was rather intensive, I felt like I needed to get myself over a threshold first, which resulted in peace and a deep feeling of anchoring in myself.” – anonymous