The Presence Process

This personal development program brings you to deep inner freedom. Ease and joy follow automatically. 


Dismiss the messenger,
get the message,
Come-pass-(i) on
– Michael Brown

Step by step into the NOW

Guided by the book ‘The Presence Process’ by Michael Brown, you will be taken by the hand in this 10 week breathing program to get to the core of the complaints you are experiencing.

During this process, you will do breathing exercises twice a day, you read a chapter each week and a weekly affirmation supports your progress.

Video Michael Brown

Free and full of joy

With this program, you will drill down to your emotional imprints which formed during your early childhood. These imprints are the core limiting factors in your current life. WIth support of the daily breathing practice, the affirmations and additional exercises, this book guides you towards pealing layer upon layer off of your limitations which stand in the way of a free and joyful life. 

Going through this program gives you energy, inner peace and joy. You will be free from your past and will make smarter choices which are truly yours.

When combining this process with regular, full Transformational breath sessions, your process will go much deeper than you normally would when you do this process alone at home.

Transformational Breath® is the only breathing technique Michael Brown recommends in combination with his program. We are the only breathing technique in the world to have received his agreement to work with his program.

Watch the video to see how he recommends Transformational Breath®.

Fun fact: all Transformational Transformational Breath® facilitators go through his program as a compulsory part of their training. 

Energy and inner peace

You become free from the past and make smarter choices which are the right ones for you. 

Incredible depth

After having gone through this program several times (both alone and with a partner), I have become convinced of the incredible depth which the combination of regular Transformational Breath® sessions with this process can bring. It has even convinced me so much, that I prefer to work with clients who chose to make this combination.
The effectiveness of my packages is greatly enhanced with this program.

The package

To support you optimally in this process, I offer a package of 10 live breathing sessions which are ideally planned once a week.

• We start the package with a introductory session of 2 hours, where you receive the book and I will explain what to expect from the book. In addition, I will introduce you to Transformational Breath® with a breathing session.  

• The next step is for you to read parts I and II of the book. You will contact me again once you are ready to start with the practical part of the process (part III). From that moment on, the breathwork starts. 

•  We will plan your sessions together, where we ideally plan the sessions one week apart. If this is not possible, we can plan them two weeks apart. Each breathing session takes 2 hours.

• The first session of the plan is spent with an extensive intake followed by a breathing session of one hour. 

•  The breathing program of The Presence Process takes 10 weeks, in which each week is focussed around an affirmation as described in the book. You read the appropriate chapter and you breathe twice a day for 15 minutes. This is done at home. 

•  During the following weeks, we will work on the weekly affirmation during your sessions with me, or with other issues which come up through your breathing process. I will be supporting our sessions with coaching and/or a range of exercises. This way, we go through the process together, reaching a greater depth in your process.

Ideally, there will be one or two sessions left after finishing the process to integrate anything which may still come up after finalising the 10 week process.  


The sessions are best done in my practice in Bilthoven. When this is not possible, the breathing sessions can also be done online. In this case, you will receive a discount for the online sessions.

The offer

10 live sessions, including the book The Presence Process only costs you 1590 euros instead of the usual 2000 euros.

If desired, you will receive an invoice to send in to your health insurance. Reimbursement is dependent on your insurance provider and your insurance package.  Reimbursement is provided under the name of naturopathic consultation through the additional packages for alternative medicine (Netherlands).  

First tryout session for half price

Are you interested to follow this program?

Please contact me to plan a first session. You only pay 50% of the regular price for this session. Should you choose to commit to the package after that, then your first session will become completely free.
Of course, there are absolutely no strings attached. I promis.
Click the button below to book a session with me.
Online sessions are also an option.

Experiences with the Presence Process package

“I am eternaly grateful to Nadja and Michael Brown.”

“I followed the Presence Process package in 2020 under guidance of Nadja. I had followed several trainings and workshops of self-development in the years before starting this process. The reason for investingin myself, is because I wish to get to know my authentic self. By reading Michael Brown’s book, I became aware that there were still unprocessed emotions in my body, which I could integrate with the help of Transformational Breath®. During those 10 weeks, Nadja has supported me to restore my basic energy and to open my heart fully. I am eternaly grateful to her and Michael Brown. I can do my breathing practice daily and a full TBr self-session weekly. When I find issues I need help with, I book another appointment with Nadja.”

Mark Verver, Account Director – 49 years.