The Presence Process


Self-development plan

This personal development program transports you to a deep inner freedom. Ease and joy are the result.

The process written by Michael Brown takes you by the hand for 10 weeks and brings you to the core of your complaints.

During this process, you do a twice-daily practice of breathwork, you read a chapter in the book each week and a weekly affirmation supports you in your process.

With this process, you uncover the emotional imprints you made in your childhood years. These imprints are the core of limiting factors in your current life. With the help of your daily breathing practice, the affirmations and additional exercises in the book, you will be able to peel away all limitations layer by layer, uncovering your true self. This will bring you to the freedom and the joyful life you are wishing for.

Going through this process will provide you with energy, inner peace and joy. You will be freed from your past and will make smarter choices.

Combining this process with regular, full breath sessions, you will go much deeper into the process than if you were to do it alone at home.

Transformational Breath is the only breath technique Michael Brown is willing to recommend in combination with his process. We are the only breathing school in the world who have received his permission to work with his process.
Please watch the following video to see how he recommends Transformational Breath.


After having completed his process several times (both alone and with a partner), I have become deeply inspired by the incredible depth which regular Transformational Breath sessions bring to this process. It has convinced me sofar, that I prefer to work with clients who decide to make this combination.
The effectivity of my trajectories is greatly enhanced by following this process.

The plan
To support you optimally in this process, I offer you a plan of 10 live breath sessions, ideally planned once a week.

  • We start the trajectory with an introductory session of 2 hours. You will receive the book and I will provide you with an explanation of what to expect. You will also make your acquaintance with Transformational Breath.
  • After this session, you will go home and read parts I and II of the book. You will take up contact again with me once you are ready to start the process. From that moment on, you will start with The Presence Process.
  • We will plan all 10 sessions, ideally planning them for once a week. Each breath session will take 2 hours.
  • During your first session, I will do a thorough intake with you, to ensure a safe journey with the breath. Also, you will receive a full breath session of 1 hour.
  • The breathing program of The Presence Process takes 10 weeks. Each week you will have a specific focus by way of an affirmation given to you in the book. You will read the appropriate chapter in the book and you will do your breathing practice at home for 15 minutes twice a day.
  • In your breath sessions with me, we will work with either the weekly affirmations or with issues arising from either the process or your breath sessions. Before your breath sessions, I will also support you with coaching and exercises. This way, we will walk the process together, finding more depth in the matter.
  • If at all possible, we will try to keep one or two sessions for after you have finished The Presence Process. This way you can integrate anything which may come up for you after the process.

The sessions can be done either live at my practice in Bilthoven or we can do them online. You will receive a discount for the online sessions.

My offer to you
10 live sessions, including the book The Presence Process will cost you only 1590 euros instead of the usual 2000 euros.
If you like, I can send you an invoice fit for your health insurance. Part of my sessions are covered by the alternative package if you are insured in The Netherlands. Reimbursement is dependent on your insurance and your package. Check my website to find out if you are eligible for reimbursement:

First try-out session half price
Are you interested in this plan? Please contact me to plan an initial introductory breath session. I will charge you only 50%of the usual price for this session. You are under no obligation to follow up with any breath sessions after that. Should you chose to continue with me, then this first session will be free of charge for you.
Please contact me to plan your first try-out session:

“In 2020, I did the presence process under the guidance of Nadja. In the years prior to this process, I did several trainings and workshops to become self-aware. The reason I invest in myself is because I want to get to know my complete authentic self. By reading Michael Brown’s book I became aware that there were still unprocessed emotions stuck in my body and that I could integrate them with the help of Transformational Breath.  Nadja helped me in ten weeks to restore my basic energy and to open my heart completely. I am eternally grateful to her and to Michael Brown. I can now do breathing work on a daily basis and an extensive TBr session every week. If I come across any more pieces I need help with, I make another appointment with Nadja. ” – Mark Verver, Account Director – 49 years old.