Complaints procedure

For all complaints

Altractive is of course committed  to preventing any mistakes from happening. In case you may have a complaint, please contact us within 7 days of the event you wish to complain about. Altractive will make a great effort to remedy the problem as soon as possible to your satisfaction. Please send an email with your complaint.
You will receive a confirmation of receipt once your complaint has been read. All complaints will be dealt with confidentially and will be answered ultimately within 4 weeks.

For all complaints about private sessions

By law, there is also a possibility to speak with an independent complaints officer.

Breath sessions

Altractive is a member with expertisecentrum voor klachten, calamiteiten en geschillen zorg en welzijn Quasir via my professional association NFG. They will also provide access to an adjudication committee, should this be necessary.  The handling time of such a procedure is to be decided by Quasir. Please contact my association for more information about how to file a complaint. The judgement of Quasir is binding.


Altractive is connected with a complaints officer via the professional association AVIG. Please call or send an email to the secretariat of the AVIG to discuss your options. Phone number: 0614805117 or email to Your complaint can be handled by a complaints officer of the AVIG.
The AVIG is a member of the National Disputes Committee: Stichting Geschilleninstantie Complementaire/Integrale Geneeskunde. More information is to be found via

Any claim for damages will never exceed the amount of paid fees.

For all complaints about the training programs

Should you not be satisfied about the way your complaint has been handled by Altractive, you can contact the internationalTransformational Breath Foundation via for further discussion of your complaint. The board will discuss the case and come with a recommendation. This recommendation will be binding to both parties.

Any claim for damages will never exceed the amount of paid tuition.

All information provided will be treated with confidentiality. This confidentiality applies to all parties concerned, including yourself.