Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® is a powerful, loving, self-healing technique which supports you in integrating unprocessed emotions.


Powerful and self-healing

Transformational Breath® is a powerful, loving, self-healing technique with an emphasis on expanding your breath.
The main purpose is to learn how to breathe with the diaphragm resulting in a deeper and fuller breath, thereby expanding towards a maximal breathing capacity.

Short cut to enlightenment

“Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher of breathwork I have ever encountered in both the East and the West. 
Her techniques have the power to lead one to have a direct experience of liberation. You maycall it the short cut to enlightenment.”
Tulku Rimpoche Thubten- Tibetan Buddhist Lama

For whom?

Transformational Breath® can be practiced safely by everyone from the first minute of life until the moment we die.

Breath sessions are safe and have been practiced successfully with:

• Newborns
• Children
• Adults
• Pregnant women
• Elderly

Everybody benefits from breathing practice. This technique is not only for persons with breathing difficulties.

Additional oxygen

Scientific evidence shows that diaphragmatic breathing can help towards improvement of illnesses such as:

  • cardiovascular disease,
  • stress,
  • burn-out,
  • depression,
  • asthma,
  • high blood pressure,
  • addictions/smoking,
  • sleeping disorders,
  • headache/migraine,
  • disorders of the digestive tract,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • skin disorders,
  • anxiety and phobias.


It has been recently shown that cancer cells stay alive by creating an environment which is poor in oxygen.

Many other illnesses thrive in an anaerobic environment. If we could succeed in elevating the oxygen content in our bodies, it would be reasonable to suppose that we could slow down the advancement of such illnesses. Simultaneously, we stimulate the lymph drainage and immune systems, thereby improving our natural healing ability.

Transformational Breath® is not a healing modality, however many people have been shown to heal within themselves of chronic ailments while using this technique.

Transformational Breath® has been practiced with tens of thousands of people with many different kinds of illnesses without any trouble.

I finally dare to do anything!

What has Transformational Breath® brought me so far:

  • I finally dare to be myself – without shame, without conditions
  • I feel connected to the universe
  • I feel love for myself and everyone and everything around me
  • I smile and laugh every day
  • I dare to live, I dare to feel, have no more fear of “judgement” – no fear of tomorrow, no regrets of what has been
  • I feel love for others but realize that this is ‘my love’
  • I can love without attaching conditions to it
  • I dare to feel my emotions – don’t panic – the emotions are allowed to be there; I am not my emotions
  • I feel a major change – when it is actually that simple – letting go of all “assumptions”, all self criticism, all prejudices

And all this through BREATHING!!!

I feel a happy person from inside out!

Thank you Nadja
Jolijn, 55 years old

Three levels

We discern three levels on which  Transformational Breath® has it’s effect:

1. Physical

We can go for 40 days without food, we can last 3 days without water, but we only last a few minutes without breathing. This is how strongly our life is connected to our breath.

The goal of our breath is to provide our body with energy. This energy can be felt during and after a session. People feel more energized and alert after a breath session.

In the west, the average person only uses 30-50% of their breathing capacity. If you do not have access to your full capacity, you cannot provide your body with the necessary energy to function optimally.

In addition, the mechanical breathing movement in our abdomen enables an improved lymph drainage, which transports waste products away from our cells. This way, many toxins are eliminated from our body through the lymphoid system.

Reading your breath pattern and finding meaning from your breath pattern is often a real eye-opener in learning to understand yourself better. Your breath tells you unequivocally how you deal with life and life’s challenges. Unwanted patterns may be real roadblocks in your progress. By learning to breathe differently, you will create a deep effect on how you live your life.

During the sessions, you will learn to open your breath and to eliminate limiting breath patterns. This way you will learn to utilize your breath capacity as it was intended. With Transformational Breath, you will posess a technique which you can use directly in your daily life.

2. Emotional/Mental

We probably all recognize the feeling when a negative emotion (sadness, anger, guilt) leaves us feeling heavy, as if we are carrying a heavy burden. Have you ever  experienced a headache when you worry?

Feelings like happiness, joy or love usually result in the opposite effect. They produce a feeling of lightness and airyness. Clearly, emotions have an effect on our bodies.

Different theories say that emotions move through our bodies as energy. According to quantum physics it is proven that everything is made up of energy, down to the smallest particle of matter. So matter exists ultimately of just energy.

Every living cell in nature has an electromagnetic charge. This way our bodies also have an electromagnetic field. A change in this field therefore produces changes in our body. Changes in our emotions and thoughts thus have a direct effect on our physical body.

From the day we are born, negative emotions and rigid thought patterns are seen as unwelcome and we are taught not to express them. We rather store them in our subconscious. We do this by stopping with breathing when they come up. By doing this, we store these items in our bodies either consciously or unconsciously. This way, we  pretend that the negative charge isn’t there. The price we pay for this strategy is that we breathe increasingly less and we deprive ourselves of our precious life-force energy.

During the sessions we learn to breathe in a connected fashion as we breathe consciously to the places in our body where we have closed down. This way we create space for those unwanted emotions to transform into something light and easy, namely love or joy. This way we can permanently transform our old emotions and thought patterns. Now, we no longer need to carry them around,  hereby freeing this energy to be used for other, more positive purposes.

3. Spiritual

By clearing ourselves from our negative charges, we create more clarity and space within ourselves for our true nature. The veils of negativity are removed and we regain our true power. The light which is you, shines once more, uninhibited from within and you feel stronger, energised and steadier in life, allowing you to deal with life situations in a more balanced way.

Working with the breath means coming into closer contact with who you really are and what you truly want, your true essence. You can direct your life more successfully and will be open to receive more positivity.

To breathe is to live. Do you dare to live fully?

My mission

In my work and life I combine traditional medicine with holistic techniques within my role of medical doctor as well as being a relative of cancer patients. My education and my personal experiences have shaped my vision on illness and healing. My mission is to optimally support and guide (cancer) patients and their families, with techniques that work on all levels of the human being. I would love to meet you.