Health is the result of balance on all levels of your being:

• Physical
• Mental/Emotional
• Spiritual


There are only two ways to live your life,
One is as if nothing is a miracle,
the other is as if everything is.
– Albert Einstein

Full health and vitality

Our health is dependent on the integrity of three levels:
the physical, the mental / emotional and the spiritual.
These layers work together intimately.
Full health and vitality can only be reached when we work on all three levels.

The methods I work with are aimed at achieving balance on all three levels. Breathwork works on all layers simultaneously, which is why breathwork takes up a central place in my work with you.
To create further awareness, I will be using other powerful modalities additionally which specifically target certain levels.


It is often thought that healing lies only on the physical plane. This is not entirely true, our emotions and thoughts have a major influence on our body. Nevertheless, it remains important to pay attention to the physical aspects. Only by achieving balance on all three layers, one can reach true health.


Every day, we think an average of 30,000 to 60,000 thoughts . Most of these are repetitive thoughts. In a way, we engage in brainwashing ourselves every day: what we think repetitively, we will start believing, whether we like it or not. Especially thoughts accompanied by strong emotions, have a very powerful effect on our life experience. What you believe eventually becomes your truth.
Worries and fears tend to repeat themselves over and over in our heads. Not very helpful, if you’re afraid of getting sicker than you are, for instance. Or perhaps fearing that you will never get better. 
It is not possible to be completely healthy and in balance without working with our limiting beliefs. It is therefore very important to stretch the brain and to change limiting thought patterns to helpful, healing thought patterns. 
In our work together, we will spend time looking at this aspect of your life. 


The influence of our emotions on the body has become increasingly clear to me over the past decades in my work with the breath. When we feel bad emotionally, the body follows with illness. It is therefore very important to integrate pent-up, unprocessed emotions. As a result, the body can regain strength, which also enables physical health.


The moment we understand who we really are, everything changes. Once you understand what your core is, you start making different choices. If you know who you truly are, what you need and what is good for you automatically becomes clear to you. It becomes easy to say YES or NO and it becomes easier to put things into perspective. You become more peaceful and you will gain oversight over your life. This creates a freedom you will never want to give up.

My mission

In my work and life I combine traditional medicine with holistic techniques within my role of medical doctor as well as being a relative of cancer patients. My education and my personal experiences have shaped my vision on illness and healing. My mission is to optimally support and guide (cancer) patients and their families, with techniques that work on all levels of the human being. I would love to meet you.