Video sessions


General information about how to join Zoom
I work with Zoom for my online sessions.
In order to connect, you are requested to download a little piece of software to enable the Zoom app. You can download it via

The first time you use Zoom, it usually comes with a prompt to test your camera and microphone. Make sure you log in on time for your first session, so there is enough time to do this. The second time you log in on the same device, this should not happen again.
Should you experience trouble with logging in, please contact the Zoom help desk. They will support you through the process:
There is also a step by step description for the installation and starting of zoom on their support page:

Once the session has started, I will not be able to support you with technical difficulties. Please contact the Zoom support desk to help you connect to the online session.

You can click the link to the meeting on the event page and it will bring you straight through (the password is integrated in the link), or you can choose to click “join meeting” in the Zoom app or on the website and enter the meeting ID and the password.

In terms of sound, a laptop is the best way to join (use speakers if you have them). If not, a tablet is a good alternative. My experience is that the sound is insufficient when dialing in with a phone. I do not recommend you use a phone to join, unless of course, you have no other alternative ;-).

In case you need to dial in with your phone, you can either dial in via One tap mobile, or you use the meeting link for video. To get the sound for this meeting, you will need to dial a phone number:

Find your local number here:


There is a password for each meeting or session and I will be locking the meeting once we get started. This is to make sure the session remains private at all times.

What to do when I loose my connection to you?

Locking the meeting does mean, that you will not be able to re-enter the session in case your internet connection drops during the session.

If you are in an individual session, you can chose to continue with your breath session, or you can check your phone. I will keep contact with you via messaging if we loose our connection.

If you are in a group breath session, please continue breathing and finish your session on your own and log back in after you have finished. I will open the meeting once the online session has finished for sharing afterwards.
I do appreciate it if you could please log back in after the session, so I can make sure everything is alright with you or offer you additional support when needed.
If it is impossible to log back in, please send me an email or send me a whatsapp message telling me how you are. I find it is important to ascertain that you are OK after the session. Thank you.

How to prepare for your online breath session:

If you are joining an online workshop with a full breath session, or you have booked an individual online breath session with me, please follow the guidance here.

Make sure you have your breath space prepared before we begin and please place your laptop or tablet in such a way, that the camera views your body from the side, such that a part of your lower legs up until your face are visible. Ideally, the view is slanting from the top onto you. Please take care of sufficient light and please do not wear a black top/T-shirt as this will make your breath movements invisible as the natural light fades. Needless to say that it is necessary for you to be on both video and sound for this session.

I will take care of the music so all you need to do is breathe.

You will need the following for your breath session:

  • A space where you can be in private.
  • Let everyone in your house know that they should not interrupt. Also keep your pet at a distance, if possible. Let your housemates know there could be some sounds.
  • A mat to lie on.
  • A backjack or a pile of pillows.
  • 3 large pillows.
  • Two blankets.
  • A belly bag: you can create one by wrapping some bags of rice, sugar, beans, flour, sand or pond gravel into a pillow case. You will need about 5 kg. The result should be about 20-30 cm wide and the length will be the width of your pillow case.
  • A mouthpiece: you can create one by cutting off the screw top of a plastic bottle. Make sure to remove the plastic ring which held the top in place when it was sealed.
  • A hand towel
  • A small garbage bin
  • Pashmina
  • Tissues
  • A tennis ball or a massage ball or a smooth stone or crystal.
  • Water for after the session.

There are a few cool instruction videos online which you can watch to see how to best set up your breathing space, how to create a belly bag and how to create a mouth piece. Please go to: to watch how it is done! Just scroll down to where it says “setting up for a session”.

I hope you will manage this way? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to having a fabulous session with you!