In the winter, Persephone goes to the underworld according to the mythology, to be with her husband Hades until spring arrives.
With the help of Persephone, I interpret this differently: she is the growth force of nature. This means that she, just as plants, rests during the winter. The picture on this page shows this beautifully.

Of course, Persephone is no human being, rather an energy, a force. She therefore does not sleep. Much to the contrary. She is very busy as one of the supporting light forces who are supporting us in making this grand shift into the light on our earth.
It is in this role, that she has given me a powerful message for all of us, to support us during these perhaps rather uncomfortable life experience.
Joy (humor, laughter) and love are two of the most important ingredients, according to her. An advice I gladly take to heart!

I recorded this message on December 31st, where Marcus Aurelius (my gatekeeper guide) welcomed me outside the temple where I normally speak with her. He always helps me to cleanse myself of all the human energies, before I enter the temple. You can hear this in the recording. He made it very clear to me that this message is not only meant for me, but is directed towards all of humanity.

Please, enjoy her message for this new year!


“Dat zoiets simpels zo effectief kan zijn voor het verwerken van emotie en trauma’s.” –

Yannick Pelder, fysiotherapeut, deelnemer Level I ademweekend

“Een aanrader voor iedere hulpverlener/coach. Adem schept verbinding! Transformational Breath geeft mij de opening naar het leven durven léven!”

Natasja Hazelaar
Pedagogisch behandelaar en coach NLP/systemisch werk, deelneemster Level I ademweekend

“Een training die je weer tot leven ademt.”

deelneemster Level I ademweekend

Nadja heeft mij een stuk verder geholpen in de zwaarste tijd van m’n leven. Ik was in een diepe depressie beland en ik ontdekte dat je met ademhalingsoefeningen veel rust kon terugbrengen. Ik wist niet wat ik meemaakte toen ik ontdekte wat je met ademhaling kan bereiken.