What I am about to tell you, is as good an example of synchronicity as any. This yet again, confirms that the flow exists and how everything is just so beautifully aligned!

The story starts in France, in the year of 2017.
I was there with my friend. We had been kanoeing and had worked up quite an apetite. So we were in the nearby village, looking for somewhere to eat.
In our search for a restaurant, my eye fell on a little storefront called “Le croisée des chemins” (The corssing of roads). It seemed like a really nice store, but our need for food was greater, so we continued on.
When we had eaten, I had forgotten all about that little store. We were on our way to the car, when my friend suddenly dove into a store to our left. An older lady was selling paintings, She sold her works, some of which were paintings of the Flower of Life. This is why my friend was interested in it. He bought a painting. And do you know what the store was called? You must have guessed it:  Le croisée des chemins.
It was a cozy shop, as if we walked into someones’ private library, only with more paintings. The older lady told us that this was her last season in the shop. It became too expensive and too tiring. Her son had persuaded her to startselling her art online.
I saw a beautiful painting of a tree with womens’ faces and a Flower of Life in the roots. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money at that time to buy it. “was I interested in a reproduction of it?”. No, I wasn’t, I didn’t think they were pretty enough. The original had sparkly golden paint for the leaves, which I liked very much.
Helas, I had to let it go, but I didn’t leave the shop without having agreed with the lady that I could email her should I still be interested later and she could send the painting to me.
Back at home, the months came and went and I thought of the painting a few times, but didn’t do anything about it.
It was December 2017 when I felt a great PUSH from my (deceased) mom; “you need to buy that painting now”, is what she said.
It felt important, so I emailed the lady in France. Yes, the painting was still available and I could buy it. She sent it to me in a lovingly wrapped package, complete with a message for me on the back of the painting. I had it framed and it hangs above the head end of my bed since early 2018. I enjoyed it daily. The reason why it was so important to buy the painting remained a mystery for quite some time.

Czech Republic
And thus I followed my impulse to take up learning my mother’s language yet again in 2021, with the plan to search for my long lost family over there. Online lessons, a week in the summer and another year of weekly online lessons followed. It wasn’t going dast enough. I wanted more, faster. So I decided to leave for Prague in 2022 for the duration of 2,5 months. Surely, I should be able to pick up the language by being immersed in the country for 2 months? As many before me, I TOTALLY underestimated the difficulty of the language, but I did learn to speak the language better and better at a snails pace.
I had judged it well, I really needed to speak Czech should I want to find my family. (Not to speak of the need to communicate with them once I found them).
With my flawed Czech, I even managed to navigate my way at the Ministry of Inner Affairs, only to find out that they couldn’t help me. With a lot of help from my Czech teacher I finally managed via Facebook (good old Facebook, hey?): I found my family which I hadn’t seen or spoken to in over 30 years!  The 23rd of August 2022 was the day that marked the beginning of my renewed contact with my family over there. A very happy moment which still brings me very happy memories to date.

Having arrived at home after 2,5 months, I went through my house to open the windows for it to air. I noticed at a glance that the painting above my bed seemed to light up. I made a mental note of it and decided to look into it alter. There was a lot to do after such a long trip.
After a good nights’ rest, I remembered that I was going to examine what I had seen in the painting the day before, and I turned to take a good look at the painting.
And that’s when I saw it: the painting is of a tree with golden leaves and a root system in which the Flower of life is created. This is why I liked it so much. In the stem of the tree, one can discern 11 faces of women. I love paintings where there is always something new to discover.
And then it finally dawned on me: the painting is called  “La femme avec les racines”…..the lady with the roots….and suddenly I FELT as if roots were growing from my feet! For the first time in 48 years, I had roots!
Everybody so easily uses the phrase “to find your roots”. I also went looking for my roots, never expecting that suddenly, for the first time in 48 years, I would actually be rooted!! I had to root in the Czech Republic, so I have now learned, not in The Netherlands. Or, as a friend said to me after I had told her this story:”You had to go and pick up your roots from there”.
The shift that has started with these new found roots is phenomenal. I finaly understand what it feels like to belong somewhere. I do not need to live there, but I KNOW that these people are there and that I belong there. It took me 48 years to understand this. Incredible., what a gift.

And only then did I realize the synchronicity of this story: a totaly unknown lady created a painting in 2017, which I bumped into totally by chance, due to my friend who seemingly randomly dove into a little store, in France, only 5 years later to realise why the painting is so made for me and why I had to buy it (already back then).
If that doesn’t show the beauty of synchronicity????
My great big thank you to that lovely, older lady in France who followed her inspiration so beautifully, so that I now, here in the Netherlands, in 2022, may understand that it is me – the lady with the roots….


Thank you, mama.