I am asked regularly to explain more about the relationship between cancer and breath and how conscious breathing can play a role in this.

Last year I was invited to present at the largest worldwide zoom conference about this subject. The Embodiment Conference (TEC) reached more than one million viewers, in 10 days time more than 1000 speakers presented their content and it was a very special conference to be a part of as a speaker.

The recording of my presentation is now accessible for everyone to watch.
In this one-hour presentation, I first explein about the literature which tells us about the role of oxygen and emotions with cancer. After that, I lead a nice breathing exercise, so make shure you are comfortable!

Of course, there is no limit to the number of times you can practice this breathing exercise, so feel free to return to this video whenever it suits you!
I hope to offer valuable information to you in your search for health when you or a loved one are dealing with cancer.

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You can also find the video below, on my YouTube channel. You can like it there and store it under your favorites, so you can return to it easily!

Enjoy and thank you for sharing.