Are you looking for a real change in your life? Are you looking to live your life fully and  not afraid to fill your life with space, joy and freedom? Come and learn to master one of the most powerful breath techniques on earth in just under one week!

You will dive deeply into yourself with your own breath, coaching techniques and skillful support during this self-empowering week. You will make large leaps in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, through which you will experience your full potential and start to accept it as an integral part in your life.

This life changing week provides you with amongst others:

  • 2 breath sessions a day
  • special breath sessions such as a water session

    in warm water (37 degrees C), an expression session, arrow braking, nose breathing, etc.

  • breath analyses
  • personal coaching (2-3 participants per breath facilitator)
  • movement and physical exercises
  • healthy food
  • many moments of pleasure and relaxation


  • Deep and lasting personal transformation
  • Insight in yourself and your limiting beliefs
  • Openness and freedom
  • Vitality and inner peace
  • Joy and self confidence
  • A particularly contagious joy in life!

Dates:  September 24 – 29, 2019
Place: Troisvierges, Luxemburg
Trainer: Denis Uslu
Senior trainer: Nadja Benschop
Language: This seminar will be given in English and French.
Tuition fee: 1200,- euros. This includes the full program, course material.
Early bird: 1080 until September 8, 2019
Room and board: the exact price is still to be determined. Count on a fee of approximately 500 euros.


Accommodation: accommodation and meals are offered in a package. This product is  mandatory and automatically added as a supplement in your enrollment. This package includes all your overnight stays and all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. The package fee is still to be determined, but is estimated to be around 500 euros.
Accommodation is based on eight persons per room with shared bathrooms. It is possible to opt for a room with less participants. There is a surcharge for these roomsand are subject to availability. Please contact Denis for the options.

Information and enrollment: please contact Denis Uslu at

In order for the training to take place there will be a minimum of 8 participants

Click here for the cancellation policy.