I wrote before about the Embodiment Conference: a conference for bodyworkers with the largest number of speakers and attendants ever. Now reaching almost half a million viewers, this conference is perhaps better named a movement rather than a conference. Speakers and viewers across the entire globe participate from their homes!

There are lectures, interviews and mini-workshops in yoga, leadership, dance, creativity, social change, intimacy, martial arts, meditation, breathwork and so much more!

My presentation was a succes and it was a joy to present in this relaxed, homely atmosphere the organisers of TEC – as they lovingly call this ‘beast’- created so masterfully.
Unfortunately it is too late to re-watch my presentation for free, but I heartily invite you to surf the website. Click on one of the streams (yoga, dance, whatever) and just click on whatever takes your fancy. I feel sure it will be JUST what you need. You can join live, join on the Facebook live stream and you can re-watch the presentations up to 48 hours after the live event.

Click here to get your free access ticket. The conference is still on until the end of October 25.

Should you become totally addicted to the inspiration, you may also chose to upgrade your membership. With this upgrade you can choose to re-watch either one stream or the ENTIRE conference until the end of your days. Well, if that is not enough to keep you warm during the long corona-winter ahead?

In the meantime, it is pretty cool to see how far and wide this conference is carried now. Day before yesterday (October 19) Forbes magazine issued an article about this conference. Hof cool is that? ?

Go ahead and read the Forbes article via the link here below. A beautiful look on how to deal with stress.

Take it to your advantage and enjoy all that the conference has to offer!










Download here the Forbes article on The Embodiment Conference 2020