Large scale research confirms efficacy of homeopathy

Large scale research confirms efficacy of homeopathy

It doesn’t happen often that one finds súch convincing evidance of an alternative treatment modality, but this is really one of those moments: large scale research has proven that individual homeopathy works.
Well, the evidence is about as strong as one could wish for….need I say more?


Recently, internationally renowned scientists in homeopathy perfomed a systematic review of previously perfomed research to the efficacy of homeopathy. The review looked into the use of different forms of homeopathy in all sorts of indications. This was a systematic review of previously performed meta-analyses in a large diversity of complaints. After carefull inventarisation of all studies, the scientists concluded that the level of proof of the efficacy of homeopathy is very high.
The performed systematic review was very large. The six reviewed meta-analyses existed of 16 to 110 trials and the included trials were published between 1943 and 2014. De median study populations varied from 45 to 97 patients.
The quality of the proof for positive effects of homeopathy as opposed to placebo was mainly high for classical, individualised homeopathy. The meta-analyses used, showed significant positive effects of homeopathy compared to a placebo. This is in line with laboratory experiments, the scientists remark. These experiments show replicable effects of homeopathic dilutions in both physical-chemical, in vitro, plant-based as well as animal test systems.

Hamre, H. J., Glockmann, A., von Ammon, K., Riley, D. S., & Kiene, H. (2023). Efficacy of homoeopathic treatment: Systematic review of meta-analyses of randomised placebo-controlled homoeopathy trials for any indication. Systematic reviews, 12(1), 191.

The original scientific article can be downloaded for free via this link.