Rather than speaking of illness, and how to make this illness ‘ better’, I am of the opinion that it is much healthier to restore the balance in your body and energy system.
Our body and soul know infallibly how to reach this state again. I can help this balance to reoccur during a healing session.

Illness is often a signal of our body telling us that we are out of balance. The moment we start working ‘against’ a symptom or an illness, this signal will just increase. By looking at these signals as messengers leading us to certain wisdom, doors can be opened for change.

During a healing session I help the body and the energy system to remember their innate self healing capacity, whereby the natural balance can be restored.

I followed my education for energetic healer with the Center for Life and Intuition in Utrecht where I spent 4 years training to become a certified healer. This involved basic energetic courses, all 4 available healing courses as well as additional courses in understanding spirit and womens’ energy.
Aside from this, I follow yearly courses with Jonette Crowley to remain updated and to find continuing deepening in my work.

This combination makes me an all round healer, allowing me to offer to you that technique which is most beneficial to you at any time.