The long term benefits of homeopathy are that it not only treats the existing symptoms,
but that it restores the internal order on the deepest level and thereby creates long-term healing.
– George Vithoulkas




I finished my studies as a homeopathic doctor at the national school for homeopathic doctors of the Dutch Foundation for Homeopathy (HS) and the Flemish Study Group for Unitary Homeopathy (VSU).
Homeopathy is a medical approach that aims to improve human health by looking at the whole person, not just some symptoms.
Treatment consists of administering homeopathic medicines, which contain highly diluted substances. Guided by the existing symptoms, a remedy is prescribed that creates a similar picture when administered to a healthy person.
This holistic way of treating thus takes all elements of a person into consideration. This creates the possibility not only to treat physical symptoms, but also to bring mental and emotional issues back into balance.


Known for at least as long

Homeopathy works very differently from regular medicine. Both theories originate from the same time in Greece and therefore have been known for the same length of time. Here in the West, we have chosen the theory we now call regular medicine. Homeopathy, however, has been known for at least as long, only due to that choice it is therefore called complementary medicine. Many scientific studies have been conducted with homeopathy and it has been found to be undeniably effective. This is also one of the reasons why insurance companies included homeopathy as one of the first complementary therapies in the reimbursement package and still do to date. Homeopathy, therefore, is nothing new and not a fad. It is a solid method that has earned its spurs.

From a different angle

Regular medicine

In regular medicine, one proceeds by offering the opposite of what is wrong with the diseased: in case of thyroid hormone deficiency, we give thyroid hormone, in case of thyroid hormone excess, we take away a piece of the thyroid gland or render part of it ineffective. If blood pressure is too high, we use medication to lower it, etc.
In an analogy, this can be compared to a boxing match: if someone hits me, I hit back.
Regular medicine mainly works on the body alone.



Homeopathy works differently. It does not act directly on the physical plane and works holistically. This means that a homeopath looks at the whole person. From homeopathy, we recognise that the body has its own healing power that is always there and is continuously working for us. Think of the cut that heals by itself, the bruise that disappears by itself and the flu that basically resolves by itself. There is a force at work in the body that, like an organising principle, regulates what is needed for the body to keep coming back into balance. This self-healing force controls the immune system, directs the cells in the right direction, releases the right hormones, etc.
If there is illness, then something important has gone out of balance in your body and mind. A homeopathic remedy acts on the plane of energy. It is like a ball on the pool table. You give an impulse and the whole thing starts moving. The way this works is that we give an energetic impulse into the body, which causes the body to move from within. We thus help the body to strengthen its own healing power and to use it optimally. Depending on how you play the pool ball, different balls come into motion. This is how the different remedies of homeopathy work, each one just coming from a different angle.


How does it work?

In homeopathy, we work with diluted remedies. This creates the possibility to act on various levels of the human being.

We now know that water is a carrier of information (see the work by Dr. Masaru Emoto). By dissolving a piece of plant, stone, mineral, iron, animal or whatever in water and shaking it and then diluting it again several times, we are left with a liquid that still possesses the energetic information of the plant, stone, mineral, but no longer contains the original substance. The fluid with this information is transferred onto sugar grains and then given to the patient by dissolving it in the mouth.
The analogy of homeopathy is like a martial art: when attacked, you first go with the movement, and then redirect the energy of the movement to a direction favourable to you.

This way we achieve healing effects in a very different way than regular medicine does. We recognise the state of the body as the effect of your overall energy, rather than the cause of your diseases. We therefore work at the root cause level: the underlying energy made up by the totality of your life experiences and the way you deal with them.

Healing at deeper levels

According to homeopathy, a patient is only truly cured when ALL symptoms have disappeared. So we do not settle for side effects.

Homeopathic remedies have hardly any side effects. It either works or it doesn’t. Those are usually the two options. If it works, but not strongly enough, we have different potencies (strengths) of the same remedy to achieve the optimal result.
I like this approach. How often do we treat side effects with yet another drug in regular medicine? This way, people sometimes accumulate an impressive collection of medicines over the course of their lives. This tells me that nothing has been done about the cause. If we were to leave out the drugs, the old symptoms would just return.
Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that these options exist. In acute situations, it is definitely very helpful to be able to intervene immediately. And say it yourself, isn’t it nice to be able to have your surgery done under anaesthesia or to have a broken bone corrected?
In contrast, I do not find regular medicine particularly strong when it comes to chronic complaints. To me, treating symptom does not provide a real solution. Using homeopathy, we look for what has gone out of balance at a deeper level that has caused your body to express these symptoms. So we use the symptoms as a guide to identify the original imbalance and give the body the instructions it needs to balance and straighten things out again.
Just as every chronic process has taken time to develop, healing is also allowed to take its natural course. It is important to be patient with yourself and your body, which sometimes has to change course like a Titanic. I think this gentle way of healing is beautiful and honours the body, because it takes into account your body’s natural rhythms.

Homeopathy in cancer

Because homeopathy does not act directly on the body through substances, homeopathic remedies can be combined very well with cancer treatments. Homeopathy does not interfere with chemotherapy or immune therapy. Homeopathy can also provide a powerful support when undergoing surgery or radiotherapy. Using homeopathy, we support your body when undergoing these sometimes very drastic treatments. We therefore make it possible for you to endure the treatments longer, so that you can get the best out of regular treatments.

There is an internist-oncologist who opened a clinic at Strasbourg University Hospital to support people with stage 4 cancer in undergoing their radical treatments. In his practice, he had experienced people having to cut back or stop treatments because they were becoming too toxic for their sick bodies. Currently, he is so successful in supporting these patients with homeopathy that oncologists from the area send their sickest patients by ambulance to his clinic to receive this important support. His name is Doctor Jean-Lionel Bagot and he is world-renowned for his homeopathic support for cancer patients. I include his treatment methods in my treatment of the people with cancer who come to me for counselling.
So, homeopathy is a possible addition to your breathing sessions. In my experience, this is a very powerful combination!

The benefits of homeopathy

The benefits of homeopathic treatment are:

– a holistic approach – the whole person in focus

– completely natural way of healing

– appeals to the self-healing capacity of your body

– misunderstood complaints can sometimes be treated very effectively

– improvement also on a mental or emotional level

– no troublesome side effects

– effective support for cancer and cancer treatments


I work at the Homeopathic Doctors’ Centre Utrecht, the homeopathic outpatient clinic of Jan Scholten, frontrunner in homeopathy worldwide. This is a unique place to work and learn surrounded by many leaders in the field.

Please make an appointment at the centre if your interest lies only with homeopathy.
Would you however prefer to combine this form of therapy with breath work? Then contact me by email to make an introductory appointment. You pay only 50% of the regular session price for a first introductory session.

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