Breathing 4 Energy

The essence of life feels like love,appears like beauty,
and sounds like truth
Christina vond Dreien

Full Transformational Breath session – for experienced breathers

Please join us for a breathing session!

We begin with a meditation or an exercise, after which there will be a full, guided breath session. The focus of the session varies each time. We will explore how we can create an impact on the outside world through our inner work.

Let’s breathe together!

You are considered an experienced breather once you have done 3 facilitated sessions with Transformational Breath.



Especially for this workshop, I will donate 50% of all proceeds to the charity of Forza4Energy4All. This cause collects money to fund clinical research into a medicine to treat children with a metabolic disability. This medicine is researched by a physician in The Netherlands and is fully funded by private means.

This way you will experience how your breath session has a far greater reach than only yourself (both literally and figuratively).

Energy, inner peace and joy are only one breath away!

Please join!

Date: June 17, 2024 
10.00 – 12.00 o’clock Central European Time (CET)
Price: 36 euro – 50% will be donated to Forza4energy4All!
Place: online via Zoom. The link and more information will follow directly after enrollment. Please check your spam folder and publicity folders in case you haven’t received an email within the hour after enrollement.
Enrollment: please enroll via the button below.
Minimum number needed: with 6 participants the workshop will go ahead. If there is a cancelation, you will receive note of this via email. When you hear nothing to teh contrary, the session will go ahead.

You can enroll in English!
When you get to the shopping cart, chose ENGLISH from the drop-down menu under the word TAAL in the lower left corner. This way everything in the payment process will be in English, instead of Dutch. Much easier to understand! 🙂

If you should be late in enrolling, please make sure you enroll one hour before the starting time at the latest. If you enroll after that time, your login link may not make it to you on time!