Where Tantra and Transformational Breath meet….

 Voor Nederlandstaligen: deze retraite wordt in het Engels gegeven.


“Join us for five days of Transformational Breath®, Tantra, dance, Orgasmic Breathwork,
Tantric Massage, nature, healing, transformation and unforgettableness:

… open to the fullness of who you are.
… attract the kind of relationship you’re longing for and deserve.
… go way beyond “average” experience of intimacy, sex and orgasm.
… find out exactly HOW much pleasure & aliveness is possible to experience in this life.”

In this retreat we will….

  • Experience the power of Transformational Breath®
  • Open the energetic pathways in the body
  • Learn Orgasmic Breathwork
  • Learn Taoist sexual energy circulation
  • Give and receive Tantric Massage
  • Heal the relationship between the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Create a safe and sacred space in which to explore and grow

For Women:

  • re-establish or deepen your trust in men
  • learn how to empower a man into his depth and presence
  • without using tricks, games or manipulation – AND…
  • relax into the sensuous woman that you truly are

For Men:

  • learn how to be truly present with a woman
  • without losing your integrity, your balls or your freedom (this is THE missing link in what women are longing for)
  • become more skilled as a lover and more fulfilled as a human being  – AND…
  • how you can reap the benefits of her radiance, succulence and sensual gifts


You will have the opportunity to.….

… re-imprint your nervous system with the life force and joy that is your birthright

… re-train your breathing pattern in a way that serves a tantric lifestyle

… release past trauma that has been holding you back in intimacy

… experience connectedness, deepened pleasure and fullbodied aliveness

… have a well deserved break from your busy lifestyle: de-stress, enjoy, rejuvenate


This is for you if….

  • you have some experience in Tantra, breathwork, massage, dance, contact improv or bodywork
  • you are already quite “in your body” but want to open up more
  • you enjoy connecting with other people
  • you enjoy dancing, breathing and moving your body
  • you are in high integrity
  • you recognize that we are all creators of our own reality
  • you feel that these are exciting times to be alive!
  • you feel that NOW more than ever, it is time to step into the fullness of who we are. To live in an uncensored way. To live tantrically.

If this is you and you’re excited to join, then we’re looking forward to diving in with you in the retreat.


This is NOT for you if…

  • you think that your body is something that stands in the way of your spiritual development
  • you are needy, sleazy or connect to people in order to “get something from them”
  • you like to complain, and blame outer circumstances for things that happen in your life
  • you believe Tantra is only about meditation
  • you believe Tantra is only about sex
  • you don’t want to experience yourself as a fully alive, embodied and sensual being

(If this is you, then this retreat will not be a good fit for you. Please don’t sign up 😉

Parts of this weekend will be naked or partly undressed.

You can come to this retreat with a partner, a friend or by yourself.

Warmly welcome…

With love,

Roald, Ronja and Nadja




Friday  August 23  15:00 – Tuesday August 27, 15:00

Arrival Friday between 13:00 and 14:00

The location

A beautiful retreat center surrounded by nature. With sauna, atmospheric workshop space and cosy rooms.

Centrum De Horst, Meddoseweg 22 7104 AA Winterswijk Meddo, the Netherlands


The prices include:

  • The whole Tantric Breath Retreat:
  • Deeply opening, healing, pleasurable, transformational tantric practices
  • Daily Transformational Breath® sessions with Nadja and a full team of Breath Facilitators
  • Accommodation in a 4-bed room
  • Bedlinnen
  • Delicious vegetarian food & tea
  • Nature, prana, rejuvenation
  • Sauna
Early bird ~ €595

Sign up and pay €100 booking fee before July 20.
The remaining €495 is to be paid by August 10.
(You can of course also pay everything at once.)

Lazy bird ~ €645

From July 20 until start of retreat.

To have your own space with shower:
Add €50 per person for a double room
Add €75 per person for a single room

  • Students with a valid student ID have a 10% discount on all of the above 🙂
  • Come together with a partner or friend = €20 discount per person.*

(*Both of you sign up individually and write each other’s name in the field “Anything else you’d like to share?”)


This retreat will be given in English.


Please sign up via Roald and Ronja’s site.

If you are via Open UP, please leave a comment in the comment field. This offer is valid through Tuesday July 29.


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