Adem- yoga- en wandelvakantie Denemarken


Deze ademweek wordt in het Engels gegeven, vandaar dat de tekst in het Engels is.


Blending deep breathing, smooth yoga and unique nature into a beautiful cocktail for the self. A life elixir!

Through a powerful way of breathing, yoga and walks in the unique nature, you will be able to take a big, positive step in your life.

Three full days with focus on your inner source and strength. Allow yourself to get out of your head and transformed by your commitment to create some very positive changes in your life, and to get deeper into your personal development.

Transformational Breath® is a powerful, loving, self-healing technique where the aim is to open the breath to its greatest potential and therefore opening you up to your fullest potential.


The technique allows us to:

  • increase the oxygen and lymph drainage flow through our bodies,
  • integrate negative emotions and thought patterns at the deepest level,
  • Align more fully with our higher selves hereby allowing the life force energy to flow though our being in a very powerful way.

Learn to integrate the experiences you encounter fully and wholly into your being, at every moment, with every breath.

You will have 3 guided, full sessions through this course!

The yoga is meditative. Not focused on doing poses, it’s all about getting there, the path to it. Powerful and mild, with space for every ones` (im)possibilities. Looking for the balance between effort and rest, movement and stillness, inside and outside. Opening up the body as a window for the mind. Always returning to the breath as a base.
The yoga will be based on hatha yoga. But there will be different styles. There will be something from everything in it. Ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, kundalini. Just as hatha has always been – a complete package with a wide variety.

The Holistic Homehighschool is surrounded by fantastic and beautiful nature, so we will walk out, also in silence, to connect with nature, both within and without of yourself. The calming effect of these nature walks will assist in bringing you deeper, allowing to transform more and to find the light within more powerfully.


This powerful weekend will bring you:

  • Transformation
  • Integration of old emotional issues and destructive thought patterns
  • Light and a deep awareness of who you really are
  • Empowerment


Monday October 17 4 p.m. until Thursday October 20 4 p.m.



Nadja Benschop: Senior trainer in Transformational Breath®. Laughter-yoga trainer and energy healer and reader.

Gjalt Vlam: Co-trainer in Transformational Breath®, yoga teacher.

Linnea Beek Hansen: Transformational Breath® coach, dream-reader, teacher and lifecoach.


520 Euro. 480 Euro for students, senior or unemployed.

Enrolment is on the page of the Danish organization. Google translate can help you with the translation of the required information.


Enroll here