Liefde of angst, wat kies jij?

Ik deel graag een stukje uit een meditatie die ik net heb gedeeld in een whatsapp groep waar ik deel van uitmaak. Het is in het Engels, aangezien de mensen in deze groep buitenlands zijn. Hopelijk doet dat niet af aan de boodschap.


I would love to share something with you from a meditation I just did:
Self-identification with ego, is the oposite of connectivity. Love is expansive, the feeling of connectivity. Fear is contraction and a lack of connection. Anytime you do things that are contracting, you are working against the basic principle of the universe, which is expansion. Nature is ever expanding, creating. That is the natural flow of life. Anytime you do things that are expansive, you are working with the principles of the universe. When you are working with the principles of the universe, everything becomes easy! Humanity is SO out of sorts with the univers, because it keeps itself in struggle, by not expanding, connecting and loving. We have often contracted so far, that we are out of sync with the life force energy. That is why humanity is not abundant. If we work with the flow of the universe, we would be abundant, because the universe is great abundance. Love transforms where fear inhibits.
When you love, connect, don’t judge, this is when the universe supports you, as these are the principles on which the universe is formed on.
So what I personally take from this, is that the way to abundance is to do things that make us expand: breathe, dance, sing, laugh, connect, open. The more often we expand, the more we are allowing the universe to support us.
So on this note, I invite you all to expand and to connect with all the loving humans around you, coming from this space of connection today. (and any other day ;-))

One more thing: everything you believe, will become true. So if you believe that the mandala is self-limiting and will stop, than this will be your experience. If you believe that money is just an energy that circles round and round, then this will be your experience. So, what do you chose: the fear-based reality, or the expansive reality. You see, it is all there, all at the same time and we could sit in either for ever. Which reality do you chose to identify with?

Lots of love on this beautiful day! 🙏🏼💕


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