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The successformula for couples who are dealing with cancer.



I offer intensive private packages for those who are dealing with cancer. It has been shown that the combination of methods I offer, create positive,
meanintive, meaningful changes in your lives: enjoyment in lif, joy, energy and vitality.



Is cancer a death sentence? No

Having cancer does not necessarily mean you are going to die, certainly not anymore in this day and age.  With the current medications, it is even possible to reduce certain cancers to a chronic illness. Nevertheless, it is a shock to the system when you get the news that either you or your loved one has cancer. It remains a forcefull disease with life-changing potential in almost all cases.  s.

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You do not have cancer alone

Cancer does not only hit the one who has the diagnosis. The persons beside the cancer patient are often affected at least as badly, maybe even more so. There is a chance that you will loose your partner, beloved, mother, father or child much sooner than you expected. Cancer is not a process you walk by yourself. Cancer has a deep impact on your relationship and everyone around you.

My mother died suddenly in 2005 with a possible diagnosis of cancer. Four years later, I have whitnessed the process of cancer consciously with my father, who died 5 years after receiving the diagnosis. This experience showed me what effect the diagnosis of cancer has on the surroundings of the patient. I understand now that the partner or loved ones of the patient need just as much support in this process as the patient him/herself.



We are missing the point in regular medicine

Treatment of the cancer alone is not sufficient in my opinion. It is good to heal the body, but that does not deal with the cause of the illness. Cander is namely not just an illness of the body (no illness is, for that matter), even if your doctor tries to make you believe that. Cancer is a powerful signal from the body that something has not been in balance for a very long time. As a doctor I dare to say this: we ar etruly missing the point if we just focus on the physical side of the illness.

With 11 years of experience in my practice as a breath facilitator and as the trainer of the professional training in the technique of Transformational Breath® in The Netherlands and abroad, I have learned that true healing is only possible if we also work on the mental and emotional level. The illness will retuern or something will arise in another place in the body if you do not deal with the underlying emotions and thoughts. This means that you dismissed the message of your body and it will need to convey the message more forcefully next time in order for you to awaken to what is happening in your subconsciousness.

Oxygen stops growth of cancer cells

Recent research shows that an increased oxygen supply creates a reaction in many cancers that stops the cancer from growing. Cancer cells stay alive in an oxygen poor environment. In fact, they grow faster if there is little oxugen around. A nobel prize was even awarded to research that showed how cancer cells continue to grow, despite a growing lack of oxygen. Cancer cells proceed to die, when oxygen is offered to them.

This is the reason why we will be working with Worlds’ most effective breath technique: Transformational Breath®. By learnign to use you full breath capacity, you will increase the oxygen levels in your blood. By way of the movement your diaphragm creates in your belly, your lymph drainage increases, through which you will start to detox.



Living fully
Do you recognise the fear and stress which happens around each check-up? Always with the question if the cancer has really gone? That fear that the result may tell you otherwise, that your cancer may have returned or has started growing again?

Do you know the fear that you or your partner will leave this life sooner than you wanted? The fear that there is so much more to experience in life and that you may not be able to be part of that?

How would it be if you do not need to worry about that anymore? How would it be if you could live fully, carefree? Do you know how it is to enjoy life fully?

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You deserve nothing but the very best!

By working with an integrated formula, I combine the best of all worlds. I ofeer you a combination of the most effective methods in the world. It is the bomb underneath your illness. You deserve nothing less than only the very best!

  • Complete individual attention – the process is tailored completely to your needs.
  • A unique breath method with which to flush your body with oxygen and to detoxify your body. You will say goodbye to negative emotional charge and mental beliefs which obstruct your health.
  • Learn to retrain your mind to support you in a positive way. This ‘secret’ formula to change your thought processes are used for decennia by the most successful entrepreneurs and politicians.
  • Learn to focus in such a way that you are able to take on any challenge in life sucessfully.
  • Easy step-by-step process – everyone can do this.
  • Self mastery – the techniques are easy to perform in daily life and easy to combine with other techniques.
  • You will feel different even after one session – these changes are lasting.

You can expect the following:

  • Total peace of mind
  • Energy and vitality
  • Faster recovery after operations
  • Less side-effects of cancer treatments
  • Physical and mental resilience – Lichamelijke en geestelijke veerkracht – seeing things in a relative fashion
  • A deep trust in life and yourself – worries and fears disappear
  • A contageous zest for life which is REAL and LASTING!

Get to know yourself through your illness




No matter how bad the disease is, every setback bares an important gift which you may learn to discover. You can learn to use this sickness to make a giant leap in your personal development. It is an invitation to discover the deepest joy you have ever known. Learn to understand the deep sidom of your body and share it with each other. Your process is always connected to those around you. Not only will you move through life very differently – positively and mildly, you will become a shining example of how a person can deal with setbacks. Through your own process, you add so much to the world around you. You will indeed help to make this world a lighter place to live in!

A surprise for you!

2 for the price of 1.

As I mentioned previously: you never go through this process alone. So you will also not have to work through it alone. Your spouse, partner or beloved will go through the whole process together with you. Through this process you will change in a very positive manner. You learn to remain in communication with eacht other and to live through this process in a very conscious fashion. It has a great and positive impact on your relationship, lifting you to a higher level of understanding and love.

You will start living fully, learning to enjoy life in a whol different way. Certainly, you want to share this change with your beloved?
Not to worry, if you do not have a partner at this moment, your best friend, one of your children of family members is also very welcome to join this process with you.




Hurdles on the road?

You will not need to stop your regular treatments. Everything we do with these methods, can be combined safely with any treatments you are following.

Depending on the package you chose, there is more or less 1-to-1 support. You can chose to do as much as possible by yourself, keeping the tempo in your own control, or you can chose to do verything under my guidance. The choice is yours.

I mean business when I say that I want anything I offer to you to be effective. Your time is much to valuable to go for less that the maximum. This is why I chose to work with people who are motivated to really live fully and who are willing to go the whole mile. I love to work with people who want to get to know themselves in order to get better and people who dare to dream!

You will be working together, so you can support each other when you need it. You will be learning very practical tools which are directly implementable in daily life. Whatever may happen.

Make or break

A life-changing event just landed on your path. It is your choice to make it or have it break you. Do you chose for make?

Do you chose for a life of vitality, health and life joy, far beyond your wildest dreams?

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Niet happy, money back

These individual pakages all come with a not-happy-money-back-guarantee. Should you experience a lack of any results, despite having followed all the commitments we agreed on, you will receive your full investment in return. This guarantee is valid until a month after finishing the package. Of course, I trust fully that this will not be necessary.

Personal experiences


Judith Kravitz:

The founder of  Transformational Breath was diagnosed with throat cancer when she was a 29-year old mother of two young children. It was proposed to her to have teh cancer removed surgically. The operation did not give her a good feeling, although the choice of not having the operation made her rather anxious too. She decided to heal herself without medicines or operation.
She worked intensively with the breath and received growing trust and clarity. She saw that she had to put her focus on the wholeness and perfection of her being and not on the symptoms of the illness. She taught herself not to study the bulge in her neck, nut to give attention to the positive things she recognised in herself. During one of her breath sessions she received the clear insight that she had to change her diet, which she did. One day, a few months after the start of this self-healing journey, she was putting on body lotion. When she came to her neck, she realised that the swelling had disappeared! From that moment she knew that she had found something wondrous, much bigger than her human experience. She continued to share Transformational Breath in the world, which has grown into a worldwide training now.

“I know now from experience that one factor is defining for the quality of succes and the level of joy everyone can experience. This factor is choice. Everyone wants joy and succes. Noet everyone choses it actively.”

arnold-van-der-leijdenCelebrities like, David Cameron (previous Britisch prime minister) and the Dutch women Olympic Hockey team used this breath method successfully.


Over 500 of the richest entrepreneurs of the US reached their successes by way of the secret which I share with you in my online training. Andrew Carnegie (America’s richest entrepreneur ever), Winston Churchill and the founder of the Phillipines used this method to their advantage.

I wish you all the health and happiness in the world. You are so very much worth it. I gladly support you both in reaching this again. it is my mission to help people to find their intrinsic power so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

Kindest regards,

Nadja Benschop

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