Dear friends,

the plans came into existence a while ago and has remained slumbering in me until it took the right form.
After two busy and emotionally demanding years, my system is ready for a break.

I have asked a lot from my body during this time and she has almost always delivered what I have asked of her without complaining. Now, however, it is time to meet the wishes of my body and soul to create space for myself for rest, nourishment and contemplation.

I have therefore decided to grant myself 3 whole months of leave: I will leave on December 28 only to return to my breath week in the south of Spain at the end of March. I expect to be back in The Netherlands around the Easter weekend at the beginning of April.
My plan for this sabatical is to not have to work at all. I am planning to spend time with myself, so I can return refreshed and nourished, ready to be in service to you with even more love.

This highly needed pause in my life brings me to Egypt first, where I will hike in the Sinai Desert. The trip then continues to the western shores of India where I will do some relaxing and yoga in Goa. Where the trip will go from there, is still unknown. I do know one thing though: I will allow my much wanted dream to come to realisation as I plan to visit the Taj Mahal both at sunrise and at sunset.

If the passing of my parents has taught me one thing, it is that life is much to short to postpone dreams. If there is something you want to doe, do not wait until you retire. You could be dead by then.
My mother was always very clear about these things. ‘ You could cross the road tomorrow and get hit by a car” she would say.
For me, this means that I do not want to wait any longer with fulfilling this lifelong wish. I am going to do it NOW. I hope that perhaps you will feel inspired to make tracks with that thing which you have always wanted to do and have been putting off. If there is a thing you REALLY want to do, do not wait, doe it NOW!

I am planning to report on my trip with certain regularity on this blog. I hope to meet you here!

While I am away, I have arranged for you that you can continue with your breath sessions without interruption. My highly valued (and much loved) colleague Sandra Vaes is happy to work with you while I am off gallivanting around India. We work in the same practice space together. She will be working there on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. Sandra is a psychologist by training and performs her breath work with an enormous dose of passion. I can highly recommend her.
She is planning to continue with the evening breath classes and she will look to organise the free introductory evenings in the new year.
Sandra can be reaced via phone 06-40061480 or via email address You can check her profile on the website of Centrum de Linde:

I look forward to reading your comments on my blog!



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