Morning/evening breath class

This evening is available especially for experienced breathers.

These mornings and evenings are meant for those who are relatively self sufficient in Transformational Breath sessions and have the wish to have a facilitated breath session. You will be breathing in a group of 3 persons, facilitated by myself. This allows you to reconnect with the breath family and to enjoy the lift of the joint energy we create.

These classes are sweet and simple: setting an intention and breathing under guidance.

These classes are accesible for you if you have had at least 3 guided breath sessions in this technique. You should be able to breathe by yourself for some time during the breath session.

If Transformational Breath® is new to you, please join one of my free introductory evenings or one of the many other workshops I offer.

There is limited room, so enroll on time! The classes will take place with a minimum of two participants.


Dates: please refer to the agenda for the different options
Times: morning: 10am – 12.30 pm; evenings: 7.45 -10 pm
Place: Practice Bilthoven
Please enroll via

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