Level IVA/IVB for breath facilitators


You are very welcome to enroll here for participation as a breath colleague at one of the  Level IV weeks in the Netherlands.

As extra staff you will occasionally be requested to take certain tasks on you. You will be taking on a double roll as a facilitator and a participant. It is not a seminar week, so there will not be so many tasks for you to do.  This week will therefore mostly be a great opportunity for your to soak up the extra knowledge and to participate in the breath sessions. There will be one paired breath session every day where you rotate together with the participants.

Costs for this week comprise of the costs for room and board. Generally, you would enroll for just one week, so either Level IVA or IVB.

Should you wish to participate in both weeks, please make sure to enroll for each week separately.

July 27 – August 2, 2020 Level IVA
August 17 – 23, 2020  Level IVB

Level IVA: Centrum de Horst, Winterswijk, The Netherlands
Level IVB: Centrum de Horst, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

Level IVA: 560 euros, single room for an additional cost.
Level IVB: 560 euros, single room for an additional cost.

The general prices are based on double occupancy in the Center, with shared showers and toilets in the roomy. The single rooms are only available to you subject to availability. The participants of this training will get first choice on their preference. There are only few single rooms in Centrum de Horst.

Please enroll below.

Level IVA

Level IVB