Dive Deeper – personal retreat for breath facilitators

We can only be as good a facilitator as we can hold the space for those who come and breathe with us. This means to me that I have the duty to be ever curious, ever interested in who I am and what growth my next step will bring me. It means to be brave, to dive deeply into myself, and to explore who I am even more.

The curious thing about breath sessions, is that my potential seems to grow along with me. Whenever I take a step in greatness, my potential takes another step, alluring me to move on, to see myself, to understand and love…….all that I am.

For only when I love all that I am, I can love all that is.

Are you curious and willing to take another deep dive into yourself to find which treasures lie within?

Then this weekend is for you!

 What to expect

  • This retreat is designed for Transformational Breath® facilitators and trainers who are looking to deepen their experience with the breath and who are looking for more personal growth. Having followed Level Iv is the only requirement.
  • This retreat is filled with delicious exercises, breath sessions, dance and special guest Jeanine Weterings who will take you on a special trip into sound with her chrystal singing bowls and your own voice.
  • The weekend is meant to be a meeting ground for colleagues all around Europe/the world, so you can swap notes, learn, relax and have fun together! The main language will be English.
  • All is taken care of for you: included in the price are overnight stay in modern two person bedrooms, delicious organic food, wooded surroundings, the availability of a sauna, all set in a beautiful spiritual community. Travel costs are not included.
  • A masseuse will probably be present to provide you with massages during the breaks for a small additional fee (under discussion).
  • Facilitation by certified breath facilitators
  • The retreat is framed so that the program can be set to the needs of the group. Time can be set free for technical training upon request.

 Participation in this weekend will fulfill your yearly re-schooling requirement for TBF.

 Dates: Friday evening April 19 – Sunday late afternoon April 21, 2013
Location: Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands (the middle of The Netherlands, about 1 hour and 15 mins from Schiphol airport).
Price: 465 euro
Early bird discount: you qualify for a reduced price of 420 euro when you pay in full before March 1, 2013
Additional discount: there is an additional discount of 50 euro if you wish to sleep in the workshop room (subject to availability).

Please contact me at info@altractive.nl if you wish to enrol or for further inquiries.

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