The great spring cleaning – breath retreat in Andalusia

Spring is the time to move outward,

to start moving,

to enjoy,

nature, the sun, the warmth on your skin,

to see flowers coming to bloom and to hear the birds sing.

Let’s bring the broom out and clean out,

all cobwebs,

let’s clear out everything which has come to a halt during winter,

let’s clear out all that no longer serves you,

let’s get ready for a new, sparkling year,

and to be FULL of life!

Are you ready for a full dose of sun, great food and are you waiting to feel the wind go through your hair both literally and figuratively?  Then this retreat is for you.

With Transformational breath and may other techniques we will give your life a good shake-up, so that you are ready again to say YES wholeheartedly to all that life has to offer, with a heart full of love, bursting to manifest yourself!



As you breathe, so you live. This is true, very literaly.  

Our breath tells us about who we are and how we deal with the situations we encounter in our lives. The real power lies in the secret that you can change the way you experience life simply by changing your breath.

Transformational Breath® is a powerful, loving self-healing technique where attention is given towards opening the breath. With this breath technique, an open, flowing, diaphragmatic breath is supported and enhanced. You will receive feedback on your breath pattern and with the help of personal attention you will be supported to re-open your breath in places where it is not flowing. You will learn to use the full breath capacity your body was gifted with.

The effect is that yourbody will receive more oxygen than ever before and that your natural detoxification process of your lymph drainage system will be enhanced. Your body will become stronger, energized and healthier.

At the same time, the transforming effect of this breath technique is exceptionaly powerful, allowing you to move through and integrate deep, unconscious emotional and mental blockages within a few breath sessions. This effect is lasting and the space you create within yourself is incredible, allowing you to receive all the good that is waiting to enter your life. Once again, feel how it is to be light and to fill your life with joy and ease.


This week will be supported by yoga classes in the morning. These will be given by Gjalt Vlam, breath facilitator and yoga teacher. His way of yoga is meditative hatha yoga. His style is mild and powerful wit much room for you (im)possibilities. Every class we will search for the balance between exertion and relaxation, movement and peace, inside and outside, where we always return to the breath as our base.

Every day we will feel what is necessary to offer to you. The classes and breath sessions will be altered accordingly.



During this breath retreat, your arrival is expected on Friday April 29. Dinner will be served and we will spend the evening getting to know each other and time permitting, there will be a short breathing- or meditation exercise.

Every day brings us something new. We will spend tow blocks of time for the great inner clean-up: in the morning and later in the afternoon. In between, there is free time to eat,  enjoy walks in the surrounding mountains, visit the nearby village or relax in you room, in the garden  or at the pool.
Each block will be filled according to the need of the group. you will have at least one full, facilitated breath session every day. We will be working together with deepening exercises, body work, movement and other modalities which will support your breath work. Let go and be surprised!
You are expected to be present at all sessions.

The evenings are filled in by choice of the group.
The week is set up as a vacation, so there will be ample time for leassure and relaxation.

The program finishes by Wednesday evening, so that everyone can find their way home after breakfast on Thursday.

Please visit the website of El Rio de la Vida for more information.








Nadja Benschop
Senior trainer Transformational Breath®, MD, MSc, laughter yoga leader.


From a very young age, she always knew she was a sensitive being. Thanks to her mother who was an energetic healer, reader and homeopath, she has been able to keep these characteristics throughout her life. It is therefore not difficult for her to combine regular medicine with complementary health care. Her study in human medicine and 7 years of experience as a physician have brought her a wealth of experience. She uses this knowledge and knowhow thankfully every day in her work as breath trainer, reader and energetic healer.

Nadja is both senior trainer in Transformational Breath® as a qualified and registered physician. From 2007 onward she works with these and other techniques in her own practice in the Netherlands. She also works as a free lance pharmaceutical physician in the pharmaceutical industry. With this combination she forms a unique bridge between regular and alternative medicine. She works with you to find your balance again and to live fully from your own inner power.

Nadja about her work:

“I came into contact with Transformational Breath (TB) in 2005. This was the perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. I was ready for a powerful deepening of my life and TB has shown me what more I had in store within myself. I use this technique daily to increasingly embrace the love and light that I AM (and everyone else with me).

With this technique I have found that with which I wish to fill my whole life with passion and joy. A way to support others which goes further than the body and the mind. A way to protrude into the real human through which they may find the brilliance of their light which hides behind the veils.

I feel a very deep gratitude when I am allowed to witness this beauty opening to the world. It is truly the most beautiful thing on this earth to see someone stand in their power. I invite you joyfully to come and experience this beautiful technique.”


There will be professional guidance in the breath sessions by me and Gjalt who is a trainer in Transformational Breath. The group consists of a maximum of 7 persons, so ample personal guidance is offered.

Dates: April 29 – May 5, 2016
Location: a beautiful Spanish country house in Andalusia. Please visit the website of El Rio de la Vida for a good impression.
Price: 520 € pp (this includes workshops, accommodation with bedlinnen and towels, 3 meals a day, all non-alcoholic drinks).
Participants: max. 7 persons


Enrollment for the great spring cleaning



Traveling to/from Riogordo: Please contact Hans/Kathleen from El Rio de la Vida for more information on your travel options from where you are.
The closest aiport is Malaga airport. Tickets are cheapest with Ryanair or Vueling (Charleroi, Eindhoven or Maastricht) of Transavia (Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Amstrerdam).  From Malaga airport, take a bus to the Central Busstation of Malaga City and then a bus onwards towards Riogordo. The travel cost will be around 7 euros one way. Hans or Kathleen will pick you up in Riogordo once you arrive there on the bus. Please contact Hans or Kathleen via their site if you need a route description. If you read Dutch, you can find the information on their website under contact on their website).
It is not possible to arrive earlier or leave later due to other retreats taking place at the centre. If you wish to stay longer, please find your accommodation in Malaga City. You can find cheap options on the website of El Rio de la Vida.
You can also order a shuttle from El Rio de la Vida for 45 euros one way. Reservations for the shuttle should be made at least one week in advance. This cost will be split should there be other travelers on the shuttle with you.

I very much look forward to meeting you there!

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