You are a mystery

Art Brad Johnson

One of the teachers who keeps calling me forth is MARK. Mark is a spirit group, channeled by American channeler Jonette Crowley.
The greatest spiritual growth I encounter in my life is always by way of her channelings of Mark.
It never ceases to intrigue me to continuously take one step further in my development.

I recently received the following text in one of her newsletters. This is part of a larger channeled message.
I would love to share this with you, as I find it very inspiring. Perhaps it is of value to you too?

“You are mysteries. Unknown and unknowable. You walk this Earth trying to make things known and knowable. What is happening now in human consciousness is unprecedented. There are healings so deep they cannot be seen but felt only through the heart. There is strong evidence of the transcendent nature of humanity that has been slumbering. Humanity is merging once again with its transcendent self as if all of humanity is having a Soul Body Fusion.® Transcendence—becoming physicalized through the experiences of humanity. The cataclysmic schizophrenia of humanity is  playing itself out in a way that will ultimately lead to healing. All healing outside yourself must be addressed within yourself.

“The anguish you see in your world is anguish to be considered, accepted and then vanquished within yourself! Awareness and acceptance are the tools of this great reawakening. It does humanity no good to be aware and then to continue to hold judgments. Rather be aware of all shadow and light and let that open the floodgates of acceptance — which is greater than forgiveness.”

“The clarion call in these times is self acceptance projected outward as acceptance of All-That-Is. It is a grand neutrality that balances dissonance and creates a space for creation.”

“The quantum world is a world of intention, unparalleled power and uncompromising grace. These create the foundation for your movement into the 9th dimension—the dimension where multiple realities come into your awareness and multiple realities are accepted. While you stand in personal non-acceptance, you cannot accept the realities that are waiting to burst forth into being. The macrocosm of the cosmos is reflected in the microcosm of the love in your heart.”

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